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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Hollywood’s Rich and Famous are Fleeing City Because of Liberal Politics that Plague LA

Hollywood’s Apocalypse NOW: Rich and famous are fleeing in droves as liberal politics and coronavirus turn City of Dreams into cesspit plagued by junkies and violent criminals


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  1. hylem

    Mr Todd Honig, Elon Musk is leaving for TX and financier Jeffrey Gunlach are leaving LA as well citing high taxes and mismanagement of homeless crisis….read it for YOURSELF here. Losing big multi-billion dollar business tycoons is a much bigger threat to LA’s tax base and future than losing celebs. Bonin and Garcetti literally ruined LA and you choose not to see it. NICE TRY.


  2. Todd Honig

    This is not news. It’s propaganda. And bad propaganda at that. Robert Redford, Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Harrison Ford (to name just a few) have owned ranches in states like Montana and Idaho for years. Hollywood is a factory town. And most of the stars just come here to work. When they aren’t working they live out-of-state. It’s one of the perks of being a movie star. You don’t have to live where you work.

  3. Trum is a shoe in 2020

    The far left wing agenda of Bonin and Garcetti is working.

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