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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Homeless Encampment Endangers Oxford Triangle Homeowners and Apartment Dwellers Sunday Morning

(Video and photos are by anonymou.)

Homeless encampment fire endangers lives of downwind 188-unit apartment dwellers (32 feet from blaze) plus community in gated Oxford Triangle community (40 feet) Sunday about 1 am.

Had fire been allowed to spread up the street it would have endangered 317 apartment dwellers and Oxford Triangle single-family homes.

Supposedly, the hands of the police are tied because homeless encampment is on the right of way of public land to be developed for senior, low-cost, and psh housing but presently held by the City.

“How much craziness do people have to endure,” one homeowner asked who wanted to remain anonymous. “This is beyond reason. Homeowners have offered to pay for and install the fence that would cover the right of way to protect the homeowners and apartment dwellers. Fence would exclude the homeless encampment which grows each day.

“We are not mentioning the drug dealing that kids and adults both walking to Admiralty park and living adjacent to witness each day. One man has recorded the license plates of two Mercedes cars bringing in bicycles that are then reassembled for the drug runners. Info has been sent to police.

“We want this element out of our neighborhood. This is wrong. Peoples lives and livelihoods are dangling in front of the homeless. The City should send in a crew immediately and remove this element.”


Comments (6)

  1. Chicken little

    Liberals your chickens have come home to roost.

  2. Life in Hell

    Hey Venetian’s elections do have consequences.

  3. Catholic worker: please bring church transportation,

    Yes indeed – about those lives. They do indeed matter and should be offered appropriate shelter where services can be provided. Some need help, others need jail. These particular folks are doing drugs and indeed clearly causing fires, endangering the community around them. They are destroying this neighborhood – they have no right to do that as their presumed rights do not supersede the rights of the rest of the neighborhood. As a catholic worker, please bring over the church van and transport these folks to the appropriate shelter, perhaps at the church. This sidewalk is not a shelter. Thank you for handling.

  4. Venice Catholic Worker

    What about the lives of the even closer tented neighbors? Do their lives not count? Obviously the only concern is for the housed apartment and single family home dwellers, as written once in the headline and twice in the post. This is a rare occurrence of where the push back mantra “all lives matter” is applicable.

    • Concerned Venetian

      These assholes are endangering the lives of residents, not the other way around. What gives them the right to do THAT?

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