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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice increases Covid-19 cases considerably, 29 percent; MDR 35 percent

Venice jumps considerably from 83 to 107 Covid-19 cases in the period of 21 June to 4 July at 8 pm. Marina del Rey goes from 20 to 27 in same period. Venice still has only 2 deaths and Marina del Rey, 1.

To get the latest update, go to CDC website.

Venice has 83 Covid-19 cases and two deaths as of 8 pm Sunday, 21 June. Marina del Rey has 19 cases and 1 death.

Comments (3)

  1. Jane Berry

    i 40,000 people were allowed by Garcetti to march in just ONE of the many daily BLM protests. But he shut down everything else interminably, because all of THAT is dangerous. And the economy tanks, people go broke and WILL be evicted, people going bonkers by being forced to abide by Draconian rules. Anyone who doesn’t see politics in all of this have their eyes completely sewed shut.
    Just remember when he’s up for re-election.. Remember then to stay home as well

  2. OG

    First time in Recorded History they have locked down large amounts of the population for a fast moving virus where 99% survive. Statistics have already shown the COVID death rate is NOWHERE near what they originally projected. It’s hard to blame California’s surge of virus cases on it reopening too soon, as it has been one of the most restrictive/cautious states to do so, but large numbers of protests/riots they did have…
    So are the hospitals at 88% full with covid patients? Or are they 88% full because everyone is getting their elective surgeries done? I was told by a health official if you test positive for covid, and go back the next week and test positive they count that as 2 cases. Go figure, sure would like to be told the truth instead of every news media having their own agenda on reporting.
    They are playing with the numbers. They to not discount the persons who have got well. As of today there are only 1500+ in ICU and 60% are in LA county. The Sky is falling.

  3. Vivian Stone

    The ONLY important question is how many of these “newly reported” cases are active? With all the additional testing the positive numbers are bound to rise. But the important thing is how many are “new active cases”. And no one wants to answer that question. Why not? Because if the number is actually low (and I suspect it is) the fear factor would be lost along with the ability to use that fear and panic to control a scared populous.The number of positive cases will certainly increase but isn’t the more important number the number of deaths? Infection does NOT equate to death. They are trying to scare us with the wrong numbers. 95% of people will get the virus and survive. 90% will not even require a hospital stay. 50% of us will barely notice we have been infected.

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