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Baptist Church in Venice Might be Revisited for Historical Status

LA Times columnist Robin Abcarean, who happens to live in Venice, has a column on “The mansionization of a Black church in Venice.” She claims Councilman Mike Bonin has second thoughts about the “historical importance” of the church and might consider possibly revisiting its historical status.

LA Times article.

Comments (2)

  1. Nicholas Antonicello

    Mike Bonin is a political panderer with no interest in this issue. He is so hated in Venice he’ll say or do anything to find someone who will support him. He’s pathetic.

  2. Freddy M.

    The church was bought fair and square. They should be able to do as they please with the property they own. Bonin is an asshole just trying to take advantage of the situation for his failing political career. BLM are leftist steeped in Marxist ideology. They don’t give two craps in support of Christianity.

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