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LA County Homeless Increases 13 Percent; LA City Increases 14 Percent

By Darryl DuFay

Los Angeles County homeless count increased 13 percent and LA City increased 14 percent. LA County added 8000 to 66,433; LA City is now 41,290.

The breakdown per city is not available yet.

The LA County/City Annual Homeless Count was taken by LASHA last January 2020. June is the usual time of year to release the Report. LAHSA who conducts the Count has been under scrutiny by the LA City Council, which had a number of concerns,. Heidi Marston is their new Executive Director who replaced Peter Lynn last December after his five years with the organization. It was a quick departure when serious questions were asked about the validity of previous Homeless Counts by the LA Times regarding drug use.

LA Times article.

Comments (3)

  1. Fred Jones

    A vote for any Democrat, no matter how small the office, is a vote to move America towards global socialism. You can then kiss our hard fought for freedoms goodbye.

  2. Andera Wang

    I have one word to Garcetti. Taxation without protection is theft.

  3. john Ryan

    They tout the figure of 20000 housed so far. Course they don’t know how many left the next day or may have been counted a dozen times. What a farce. Garcetti must go!

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