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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Angela McGregor Goes to YoVenice

Angela McGregor, who volunteered to write for the Venice Update and covered the Venice Neighborhood Council and various other happenings in Venice, is going to start covering stories for YoVenice and make money.

Angela was a great part of the Update and will be sorely missed by all her readers and the Venice Update. It was hoped that Angela would be the next person at the helm of the Update. Best wishes.

Comments (7)

  1. Rick Swinger

    Cant wait to hear some reporting on this! WOW! 106% increase in CD11 of Chronic Homelessness! Bonin has failed and failed miserably!

  2. Sunny Bak

    Congratulations Angela!

  3. Mike Bravo

    Makes sense. The owner is a classist jerk, just add the not so subtle racist to the mix. This should be fun.

    • OG

      You are the classic race hustler and I will bet dollars to donuts you’re white. Now take that white privilege of yours and do some good with it. Volunteer to clean up after the homeless.

  4. Rick Swinger

    Congrats to Angela McGregor!
    They need you over at YoVenice!

  5. Nicholas Antonicello

    Congratulations! Sam is a great guy!

  6. Sydney

    CONGRATULATIONS 🎈 It never hurts to get paid 👍

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