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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Conservative Ring Writes about the Demise of Venice Beach Because of Progressive Movement

Conservative Ed Ring writes another article about the progressive movement and the demise of Venice Beach. Read article.

He mentions the 40-unit on Lincoln Blvd, the 154-bed housing at Sunset, and the 140-unit Venice Median project.

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  1. Venice Resistance

    Social Justice’ is a complete misnomer. What Bonin has in store for Venice is no different than what the Hutus did to the Tutsis in Rwanda He wants to do away with law enforcement, make sure Mayor Garcetti doesn’t intervene to stop it and let the anarchy, chaos, rapes and murder begin. We are watching it unfold before our very eyes. Under Bonin’s Leadership is genocide. of Democratic process in Venice. When it happens the left wing news media that is about 99% of the news and information in Venice will cheer him on, defend him and protect his agenda for Venice. We are seeing it right now.

  2. Dump Garcetti

    Garcetti along with the City Counsel has just established a very robust looters stimulus package for Los Angeles criminals. This is no joke. Garcetti must be secretly campaigning for Donald Trump. What he is doing will insure his re-election. “Looters Lives Matter”

  3. Ed Washington

    Funny a month ago Garcettii wanted you to snitch on your neighbors have them cited or arrested by the police for Covid infractions, even threatens to shut off your water and power NOW he wants to defund the police, just remember the LAPD detail that follows you around. Lose them then.
    Yes, it is unconscionable that Garcetii would suggest to cut the LA police budget, the largest city in the state. This is coming from an ineffective, small minded mayor that is trying to keep his house from burning down. He has had his head in the sand for far too long, and now is letting our great city burn down. Resign

  4. john Ryan

    And we voted in Bonin and Garcetti

  5. Will S.

    He is 100% spot on.

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