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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Man from Iowa Comes to California to Protest

Dustin Menke drove from Mason City, Iowa to protest injustice and to talk about how medicine killed 475,000 people in 2011 to anyone who would listen. He participated in the Venice protest as well as one of the protests the day before.

Dustin said it took him 24 hours to drive from Iowa to California. “I feel the Floyd incident was unjust but I mainly come to talk about the medical profession and their mistakes that killed 475K in 2011,” he said. (Statement has not been confirmed.)”

He displayed his scars on his neck and his back as proof of injury or surgery. He said he was dropped on floor three times during hip replacement surgery at Mayo Clinic, “fracturing both hips and shattering my left completely.”

He carries with him a fact sheet for anyone who will listen. “New York Times has interviewed me,” he said. He plans to stay in California indefinitely. He claims he can breathe better here than Iowa because of lack of humidity.

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  1. Robert Fine

    Obviously there is a major problem with “systemic anti-Semitism” in the black community. A 1998 survey revealed that 43% of blacks held strong anti-Semitic opinions compared with 9% of whites. The incredible irony of the results of this survey is that a demographic which claims to be victims of “systemic racism” are guilty of racism themselves. Wonder why the main stream media is ignoring this reality? Supposedly part of their trope is Jews control the media.

  2. Randal Rruit

    Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors described herself and fellow co-founder Alicia Garza as “trained Marxists” in a recently resurfaced video from 2015.
    “We actually do have an ideological frame[work],” Cullors said of her organization. “We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories.”
    Meanwhile, the national organization’s official platform, published in 2015, contained a specific call to “[disrupt] the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

  3. Sonny D.

    Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right. When people defend their home from Protestors/Rioters the Leftist Media makes them a target for for the Left for standing up and defending their Home. Here we see Protestors/Rioters marching with weapons and the Democrat sponsored BLM/AntiFa are 100% OK with it. If you march with weapons into a neighborhood, then you are there to intimidate or attack, as you are now an Armed Mob. Armed Mobs are not exercising their Freedom of Speech they are attacking Democracy.
    This is a well-funded, organized group of BLM and Antifa wearing uniforms and body armor carrying AR-15’s, AK-47’s, shotguns, and other weaponry funded no doubt by the likes of George Soros, Jeff Bezos, and the leftist media giants like NBC, CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post. It has all the makings of a militia and if we elect not to do anything, we can kiss our country good-bye.

  4. Ernie B.

    #Only Black Lives that can be exploited matter.#BLM is now about Mr Andersons son Horace,George Floyd,Police brutality, or even racism, it’s about Revolution!
    “We are trained Marxists,” Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said, during an interview with Real News Network, further adding to the parallels between her movement and the rise of Mao Zedong’s Marxist movement in China. Marxism is important for Christians to understand, because it is an ideology that pushes atheism and persecutes Christians. The Chinese believers understand this better than most, because they are still suffering under the banner of Marxism. Back to Jerusalem has written several books that talk extensively about the rise of Marxism in China and how the enemy used it to attack the church in one of the most systematically brutal ways ever seen.
    One primary theme of #BLM is: once Marxism is adopted by a country, Christians die – in large numbers.
    Karl Marx said, “religion is the opium of the people,” and taught that his fight for oppressed people and religion were incompatible. Think about it First Confederate symbols were attracted,then Government symbols,now #BLM is attacking Churches……. WAKE UP to what’s really going on.

  5. Colin B

    Look at the pictures of the protesters…. I can remember seeing another group of people who saluted with their right arm. And the same people are up in arms about injustice..Smart people know this has nothing to do with injustice. It’s about power. This is how the Nazis got started.

  6. robert L

    The mayor of Los Angeles supports anarchy, lawlessness, criminal violence, mob rule and clearly holds honest business people and the police in total contempt. Tourists across America, if you value your lives, do NOT go to Los Angeles!

  7. Flip Johnson

    Black Lives Matters is wasting their time in Venice we are small potatoes compared to these companies who directly profited off of slavery.
    Tiffany and Co. why are they get off the hook, they still make big profits.

    Tiffany and Co. was originally financed with profits from a Connecticut cotton mill. The mill operated from cotton picked by slaves.


    Aetna insured the lives of slaves during the 1850’s and reimbursed slave owners when their slaves died.

    Brooks Brothers

    The suit retailer started their company in the 1800s by selling clothes for slaves to slave traders.

    Norfolk Southern

    Two companies (Mobile & Girard and the Central of Georgia) became part of Norfolk Southern. Mobile & Girard paid slave owners $180 to rent their slaves to the railroad for a year. The Central of Georgia owned several slaves.

    Bank of America

    Bank of America found that two of its predecessor banks (Boatman Savings Institution and Southern Bank of St. Louis) had ties to slavery and another predecessor (Bank of Metropolis) accepted slaves as collateral on loans.

    U.S.A. Today

    U.S.A. Today reported that its parent company (E.W. Scripps and Gannett) was linked to the slave trade.


    Two institutions that became part of Wachovia (Georgia Railroad and Banking Company and the Bank of Charleston) owned or accepted slaves as collateral on mortgaged property or loans.


    AIG purchased American General Financial which owns U.S. Life Insurance Company. AIG found documentation that U.S. Life insured the lives of slaves.

    JPMorgan Chase

    JPMorgan Chase reported that between 1831 and 1865, two of its predecessor banks (Citizens Bank and Canal Bank in Louisiana) accepted approximately 13,000 slaves as loan collateral and seized approximately 1,250 slaves when plantation owners defaulted on their loans.

  8. Go home sell crazy somwhere else

    Looks like he wore out his welcome in Iowa. Now we are stuck with this crazy. He will have his choice of encampments to live in.

  9. Nick Antonicello

    This disproves the lie and myth that those marching were from Venice and that’s just a lie.

  10. zoey H

    He is not wearing a mask says it all.

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