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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

People Protest Peacefully George Floyd Death

People protesting in Venice the George Floyd death met Tuesday 8 am until 11 am at Abbot Kinney and Venice Blvd and peacefully voiced their concern by chanting “George Floyd” and “Black Lives Matter.” They marched down Abbot Kinney to Main Street back to Venice Blvd where they stopped to rally on northeast corner of Abbot Kinney.

One person had a problem during the protest and was taken away by an ambulance,.

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  1. reta

    This is one of the most factual and interesting set of comments I have seen in the Venice Update. Thank you. I wish readers all over the world could see these comments. Thank you all.

  2. Harland Wilson

    This isn’t really about racism, it’s about changing the western civilization to socialism. All planned, paid for and supported by organizations for YEARS. This is their ‘revolution’.

  3. Betty Ann Gimble

    DOES Anyone know how many Unarmed Black Men were killed in the United Sates in 2019? ……………………… THE ANSWER: 10. THAT’S the Genocide their ” Protesting ” about. Not to downplay that; but more Black People are killed on a Saturday Summer Night in Chicago; than were killed in all of 2019 in the entire United States.

    • OG

      Known as one of the most gun violent cities in America, Chicago recently marked a new grim milestone with 18 homicides in a single day, officials said. If you think this can’t happen in Venice. Then think again it has. Bonin is heading Venice backward to the days of high crime. When Garcetti made his announcement he is cutting 150 million from the LAPD budget The next week. murder rates in Los Angeles have risen 250%. and shootings up 56% as reported on the news.

  4. Jeff G.

    I read yesterday the Mayor is going to take 150 million from the police budget and give it to the people who looted my store.
    So law abiding business had to stay closed for fear of arrest if they didn’t. But rioters and looters were more or less free to roam. Yeah, makes a lot of sense huh.
    Sad to say I had to let go of 5 employees and won’t be rehiring. I will be doing business strictly online and drop ship from another state. And buy goods and services from outside of LA county.

    • OG

      Hey Jeff you didn’t know Garcetti and the city counsel labeled your business as an opportunity zone. Garcetti and the city counsel have no regard for hard working people. Always remember elites regard hardworking people as privileged.

    • Bruce

      Jeff, sorry to hear it – what type of business do you have?

  5. Robin Butterfield

    The protest was so peaceful that businesses are still boarded up and some are closed till further notice. Garcetti and his woke city counsel cut the police budget in time that dictate it needs to be increased. If things are so peaceful why did he call in the National Guard and impose curfews, It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know, this will come back to bite people of all races in the ass in the end.

  6. Ed Washington

    Interesting how the mayor decides that cutting the budget of the police department to fund community organizers and thinks the police should be restricted now for entering people in the gang member database. Yet he expects the police to do their jobs with their hands tied behind their back. Is he going to issue a directive that the police cannot have their firearms loaded while on duty? Be careful when cutting the public services which are expected and needed to protect the citizens, it might give the criminal elements more opportunity in the future to commit more crimes.
    Garcetti is not running for re-election so he will not be accountable for the increased crime this will crate. Great move Mayor!
    The police will reduce their confrontations in high crime areas to protect their careers in spite of the budget cuts. They will fear making a mistake.
    The next few years will be very dangerous. Especially in the city’s high crime areas. The increased crime may spill out into the lower crime areas. Martin B. Redding will have lines out the door for a long time.
    Welcome to the Wild West.

  7. OG

    Councilman Curren D. Price, Jr.
    James K & Martha M Ohira —
    Councilman Curren Price today introduced alongside LA City Council President Nury Martinez and Councilmembers Herb Wesson, Jr., Monica Rodriguez and Paul Krekorian a motion that would reduce the LAPD’s budget by up to $150 million. He released the following statement after the motion was presented:
    Call Black Lives Matter next time you get robbed

    • Paul F

      We need to defund the city counsel and the mayor’s office. The way business owners can do this. Do not and I repeat do not pay you city business taxes. Garcetti put all of Los Angeles at risk of Covid 19 re-infection to further his political agendas. These protests should have been shut down the same day. The only science Garcetti follows is political science. He and the city counsel have destroyed this city.

  8. Nick Antonicello

    I’ll guess less than 25% of these protesters and demonstrators were not from Venice. This is not Venice protest. I have lived here nearly 30 years and I don’t recognize any locals.

  9. Nick Antonicello

    These were not Venetians, but professional demonstrators. I don’t see a single familiar face. This was a demonstration in Venice with Venetians. At least it was peaceful and that is a good thing for the community. I would say 75% who attended were not from Venice.

  10. Boris Jones

    Do you all think Garcetti is going to take a knee for all the people that stores and business that got looted and went out of business as a result of the protesters. The truth be told 80% of all these protesters won’t have jobs after all of this and will forget get very fast when they are broke. Because of the protesters I have to delay opening my business another week or two. Now I have to lay off half of my staff and will have to invest automation to replace them. You think it’s about income inequality. Pretty soon it going to be no income you idiots.

  11. OG

    Get ready Venice they are peaceful in the day and will be looting and robbing at night. What they will find out quick OG locals won’t stand for this crap.

  12. Barny Fiffe

    These were outsiders that were protesting not locals who were they going to loot the homeless LOL.. Big WOW now go home.

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