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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Has Little Damage in Comparison to Santa Monica

First day of June  … day after looting of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Santa Monica.  Sirens, helicopters, and a street sweeper  break the quiet of the first June day.  Venice shows little damage compared to Santa Monica.

The iconic CVS Drug Store at Main and Rose had its alarm going Monday morning and the police were there to check the store while manager entered.  The alarm was blasting.  It had been broken into but it was broken into last night too as reported on TV.

Walgreens Drug Store at Lincoln and Washington was broken into last night and cleanup crew was inside.  One gal claimed there was extensive damage.

Harley Davidson on Lincoln had its front door broken but now boarded up.  Bev Mo across the street from Harley supposedly was broken into too.  It was boarded.  Both stores were reported to have been broken into. This is not confirmed.

Whole Foods was boarded.  Whether it was boarded before last night or early Monday is not known.  It was reported that a policeman was shot at Whole Foods.  This is not confirmed.

Abbot Kinney Blvd was pretty well boarded up in preparation or boarded up earlier in the morning than 8 am.   The store at the corner of San Juan and Abbot Kinney was being boarded.  It had been broken into.

Last night Citizens App reported shots fired at 3206 Washington Blvd and Washington Blvd and Elm, which is one block east of Lincoln Blvd.


Comments (10)

  1. Roger Jones

    As I pass by Abbott Kinney. I can’t help notice the overwhelming support by business owners on their boarded up store fronts. How they support the movement Black Lives Matter who’s goal is to defund the Police, And you call in the national guard. Oh and by the way boarding up the store fronts is racist. We are not fooled with the phony supportive white privilege slogans painted on the store fronts.

  2. OG

    If you consider putting people out of work and prolonging business to open light damage you truly are a fool to buy into this protest nonsense.

  3. OG

    Where is Bonin in all of this hiding under the covers with Garcetti. I guess when it comes to being protected we are on our own to defend our property. I hope all you hipsters are prepared these folks mean business. They want to destroy Venice Beach.

  4. Nicholas Antonicello

    Where is the leadership of Mayor Garcetti and CD-11? It does not exist. The are weak, incompetent, paralysis by analysis thinking that destroys businesses and people’s lives. Garcetti and Bonin need to resign.

  5. Bravo4Sure

    If Hardee Properties gets looted you can trace it right back to this post from the same local guy.


  6. Brain Jones

    I guess this is one way of getting representations.

  7. Helter Skelter

    All of Venice is getting boarded up today, except the library. Guess the protesters aren’t interested in stealing knowledge cuz they have no where to sell it, let alone use for it. I love all the hipster with they’re cute little BLM signs on the windows. Get ready they are coming for you and your stuff Garcetti isn’t going to protect you. The perfect storm no cash bail and him and Newsom emptied out the jails and prisons.

  8. Larry Carol

    Garcetti and Newsom put people in jail for getting they’re haircut or going to church. They both let the protesters loot and steal and when citizen tried to protect they’re belongings where beaten and shoot by the protesters. I hold the protesters 100% responsible for the violence and destruction to our city period.

  9. Ben Yoast

    BLM is a domestic terrorist organization that has targeted the whole Westside of town

  10. ProtestYesLootNo

    It’s surprising that Venice didn’t have more damage, considering at least one of the frequent commenters here was inviting people to loot its streets and businesses:


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