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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Lincoln Apartments Approved Unanimously by City Planning Commission

Lincoln Apartments, a 40-unit project proposed by Venice Community Housing (VCH) and Safe Place for Youth (SPY), passed the City Planning Commission unanimously 28 May.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    Councilmember Mike Bonin….Because of your Multi Million $$$$ Venice Bridge Hosing I mean Housing Failure dont we need more budget for the LAPD and LAFD not less? Do you know how many times service requests for your Bridge Housing were made to the police and fire dept? Averaging 3 a day Mike! Just to 100 Sunset where your homeless can’t even social distance themselves In your muti million $ tent! Yes we know because of the Freedom of Information Act! Do you have anything to say about this Mike? Anything at all? You have proven that your projects are bad for Venice. Fix the problems you have created before moving on to your next one for this is proof you don’t have a clue in solving this crisis!

  2. john Ryan

    Neighborhood councils do not matter

  3. Nicholas Antonicello

    The people of Venice don’t matter. The homeowners, the taxpayers, tenants, store owners, children and religious organizations do not matter. Community leaders, the Venice Neighborhood Council and affiliated committee members do not matter.

    Who matters?

    Not for profit bureaucrats who earn a living from this cottage industry of homelessness, non-Venice residents, government hacks like Bonin and his incompetent staff and who benefits?

    Alcoholics, drug addicts, meth heads, heroin users, thugs, transients, pimps, prostitutes, gang members, the dregs of society who roam the streets of Venice. Venice will have a name change under Mike Bonin from “VENICE” to “VERMIN” unless “VEXIT” becomes a reality for those of us who work for a living and play by the rules while Mike Bonin laughs at you in his further destruction of this community he hates so much. Him and his delusional followers raping the system like VCH.

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