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Judge Carter Tries to Get Officials Moving on an Area So that Enforcement Can Begin

US District Judge David O. Carter has tried to get  those who sue the city on behalf of the homeless,  those business people who are suing the city,   the politicians who have had their say and opportunities to all get together and provide a plan by this Wednesday (20 May) to implement Friday just to house those living under the bypasses, near the freeways, etc. calling that area not healthy.  It came about when someone suggested using the Caltrans lot near 16th and Maple for homeless and then it was decided that was too close to the freeway to be healthy.  Wednesday there is to be a plan and implementation is to take place Friday.  See story.

Mayor Garcetti has claimed it is not a good idea because these people might go into the neighborhoods.  The CDC has said it might spread the flu to neighborhoods.   Why would they think these people do not go into the neighborhoods now?  One man from an anti-poverty group said he didn’t know how it could be enforced without the police.  Mark Ryavec said they go to the freeway underpasses because it provides some shelter.  LAHSA says they are concentrating on 65 and older.  Councilman Bonin wants to include Penmar Park.  The judge is trying to determine a group they can and should be helped so that enforcement can start.  If enforcement is not accomplished soon, Los Angeles could be caught in a larger fight for life caused by the utter lack of sanitation that is occurring.  Enforcement has to start somewhere.

The LA Times had a story that showed only about half the places leased are used and it looked like LA lagged behind other counties because of lack of preparing places and adequate staff.  See story.





Comments (3)

  1. The V.

    — Judge Death,/Judge Dredd

  2. Bruce

    Steven, thanks for the interesting perspective re: Judge Carter. What is the “LE” you refer to above?

  3. Steven Burns

    Good luck to Judge Carter. He cleared over a 1000 people from the Santa Ana wash, and none have come back. I sometimes work at a lab in the industrial park across the wash in Orange and I saw the results first hand. He also managed to get the towns of OC to work together, towns which have historically distrusted each other.
    He will need to force the entrenched city and county agencies, including LAHSA, to execute a plan (they can use LE to enforce this, he IS the 9th circuit’s authority here, and used it in the OC). Non profits will need to help or get out of the way – no more tactical delay injunctions: Here Comes the JUDGE!

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