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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venetians to Protest at Councilman Bonin’s House Sunday

There will be a new protest in front of Councilman Mike Bonin’s house on  Boise, Mar Vista,  Sunday, 24 May at 2 pm.  Photos are of previous protest and have anonymous photographer.

Comments (19)

  1. I’m against Bonin’s proposal to place homeless people in parking lots at the beach. It’s not fair to our homeless. Why do they have to stay in public parking lots at the beach? Why can’t these unfortunate people be housed in resorts which are up and down the coast. Why parking lots? Bonin is way out of line. Give the homeless a break!

  2. Sea

    Please join us Sandy, and anyone else, all welcome

  3. Sandy Rose

    Keep demonstrating infront of Bonin’s home daily. And the owners and employees of VCH and their supporters till they get in the Guinness book of world records

  4. Juan Motie

    I would have liked to see everyone of those protesters take a dump on his property so he really knows what we in Venice go through everyday.

  5. Stan

    Join the protest at Bonin’s house at 3777 Boise Ave.

  6. Sea

    It’s not harassment, bozo. It’s a peaceful gathering of concerned neighbors and within our constitutional rights… the right to free speech and the right to assemble

  7. Mike Bravo

    More accurately the title shouldve been “Venice Gentrifiers Protest at Councilman Bonin’s House Sunday” lmao

    • OG

      Mike Blow Hole in the Venice of old this crap would never be tolerated by the residents. Venice was much better off with Shore Line running things

  8. Neighbor Who Knows

    Shhh, careful. If someone publishes Mike Bonin’s address, they’ll eventually find out about the nanny hiding behind those curtains, scared to come out with the protestors there on Sundays.

    Sure would look bad for a public official who told people to shelter at home to have had a nanny coming and going from his house all this time.

  9. Whoops

    Congratulations, Reta! You just violated California law by publishing someone’s personal address for the purposes of harassment. Courts have been clear that the first amendment does not protect “doxing”. Enjoy the hearty fine and possible jail time. Hope it was worth it.

  10. Eddie Haskell

    Should have imported an encampment infant of his home. I am taking up a collection along with free booze to give incentive to move.

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