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Dockweiler Prepared for Homeless Coronavirus Victims



Los Angeles County lines up Class A and Class C motor homes for homeless coronavirus victims according to gate keeper at Dockweiler State Beach, just south of the entrance to the park that dead ends at Imperial Highway.

North side of entrance is empty and will stay empty in preparation for more motor homes if needed. All roads to park are closed and guarded by police.

No one seemed to know how long they had been there but that they were all empty to be used for housing homeless who had the coronavirus.

County has been queried to verify the usage so story will be changed as info is obtained.

Stewart Oxcars reported that on Motor Ave in a park parking lot near Pico there are hundreds of trailers parked.  They looked empty he wrote.   He queried the Council office but has received no reply,

A representative from the County called Friday to say that Cheviot Hills (Motor) had motor homes as did Westchester.  He said, like Dockweiler, they are to be used to house homeless who have Coronavirus.   He thought that some of the trailers on Dockweiler were being used but not according to the police.




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  1. Ben Menchin

    Another Bonin Garcetti fiasco wasting taxpayer dollars.

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