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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

LUPC Holds Special Meet Tonight (14 May) to Discuss Lincoln Apartments

A special meeting will be held tonight to discuss 40-unit project called Lincoln Apartments proposed for Lincoln Blvd. Meet will be 7 pm. To join this meeting use Zoom per the following paragraph.

To JOIN this meeting, Please Use This Link:
OR ZOOM US AT – MEETING ID: 860 3314 3804
PASSWORD: 157287

+1 (669)900-6833,, 86033143804#,, #, 157287#
+1 (346)248-7799,, 86033143804#,, #,157287#
iPhone one-tap : US: +16699009128,,88266983304# or +12532158782,,88266983304#

Please click on Agenda Link:

To submit public comment please use the “Raise Hand” feature on Zoom. If you are dialing in by phone, please enter #9 to raise your hand.

Public comment is limited to 2 minutes per speaker, unless extended or reduced by Chair of the meeting. Alternatively you may submit public comment via email in advance to:
Chair-LUPC@VeniceNC.org and LUPC@venicenc.org.
For troubleshooting during the meeting please email: LUPC@venicenc.org.

Comments (6)

  1. Nicholas Antonicello

    LUPC turned down the application by a 5-2 vote with two members absent. I cannot fathom how one could have voted “no” on this ridiculous proposal that was universally opposed by any resident that lived within 500 feet of this debacle. How do you vote no when children’s safety was at stake. This proposal isn’t reducing homeless, it’s exporting more homeless to Venice. The not for profit scammers found out how little support they have and just how hated Mike Bonin truly is!

  2. Abby Psrker

    This entire thing has made me terrified of Democrats being in control. I have never voted Republican, but that will change moving forward and I will blindly vote for whoever has an R next to their name now. I never want a Democrat in control of anything at this point.

  3. reta

    I wrote the the story and the links do not work. They were copied from the VNC web page. I am not unfamiliar with zoom but embarrassed that that these zooms did not work. Sorry readers. Such an important meeting too.

    • Bruce

      Reta, thanks for posting – your Zoom link did work for me, so I was able to follow part of the meeting last night. Whole project seems like a terrible idea for many reasons.

      • reta

        Oh, Bruce thank you so much for saying it did work. I would rather have it be my incompetence than an error. Such an important meeting.

  4. Garfield

    Thank you for the link to the LUPC meeting. Living a block away from this proposal and just finding out this week by way of nextdoor is very disconcerting. Even more distressing is Linda Lucks from VCHC claiming a 95% retention rate (for those using services) while failing to mention many more do not “use services” and end up back on the street. Likewise, on nextdoor she compares the women’s only residential (sober) treatment center run by a professional mental health clinic with licensed psychologists to what they are planning. Without supervision by the Dept. of Mental Health this is a disaster in the making. Neither SPY nor VCHC will take accountability for their “clients” as anyone living near any of their housing will testify.

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