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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice has 56 Cases of Coronavirus and MDR, 13

As of noon 12 May, Venice had 56 reported cases of Coronavirus and Marina del Rey had 13. For the latest go to the CDC website.

Comments (9)

  1. Cindy Meker

    51% of all COVID-19 deaths in LA County were residents in ‘institutional settings. This is what happens when Democrats run the city. They emptied out all the institutions so they could infected the 49% of the rest of the city. Under
    Garcetti’s leadership.

    • reta

      Thank you for making the distinction. That helps people making distance dialogue and perhaps removes some of the fear. Don’t know. Just am glad for the distinction.

  2. Helen Miller

    LA was on the road to prosperity. The downtown was starting to come back with upscale restaurants. Before all this virus started Garcetti provided no leadership and systematically destroyed business ventures. The only thing increasing in LA are the homeless that Garcetti is putting into upscale hotels. Think about it the next time you visit LA, who slept in your hotel room. Yeah and be careful where you walk, there is waste everywhere.

  3. Jim Dusey

    Just look at this Garcetti’s face, he think we are at his mercy if we want to make a living & provide for our family, and we are his peasants! This make-no-sense lock down is the best example of how these dictator socialists are destroying CA economy.

    The total death of COVID19 in CA is about 2800, which is less than the number of death caused by car accidents. We do not close down all the roads & lock people up at home to prevent car accidents. We setup protocol to MINIMIZE THE RISK of driving because we adults know that there is always RISK in life. We cannot eliminate them we can only reduce the risk. However, with this crazy lock down it is destroying hundred and thousands of families and small business during the time CA budget deficit is $55 BILLION in RED. This is what happen when people gave up our freedom too easy for some illogical fear. We are loosing our founding father’s principle “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” and our freedom for nothing.

  4. Three blind mice

    They don’t test the homeless on purpose. That is the Bonin Garcetti Newsom plan. Hear no evil See no evil Speak no evil.

    • Tyler turden

      You didnt see the testing site set up recently set up at 3rd and Rose as well as penmar these past few weeks??? You must be blind.

      • Concerned Venetian

        Tyler Turden, they only tested for 2 hours on ONE day 2 weeks ago at Penmar, so you’d have to have been lucky to see it, not blind.

        • Mr. Turd

          That was not the only time, LAFD also set up on third and rose, venice and globe, the boardwalk, and gower. That’s not my point anyways
          My point is he said “theyre not testing the homeless on purpose.” Which apparently isn’t true. So I what’s this plan that 3 blind mice was speaking of? Or is it just more untrue rhetoric?

      • Mr. Mice to you

        I just read something quite interesting about Dr. Barbara Ferrer. She has her Ph.d in Social work. I always thought that the Director of Public Health should hold a medical degree. Shows what I know.

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