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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

VCHC Goes Directly to Planning with Lincoln Apartments, Leaps Past Neighborhood, LUPC, and VNC Approvals

Venice Community Housing Corporation (VCHC) leaps past Venice neighborhood critiques, and both the Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) and the VNC approvals, according to Fight Back Venice, a neighborhood group opposed to the project as presently presented.

Many times a project is already set for a planning hearing so the planning director, if they hear the project, will normally say subject to approval by the VNC. The project is on the agenda to be heard by LUPC 14 May, and normally, will be heard by the VNC at the next scheduled meet, which would be 18 May.

At the last meet of the LUPC, LUPC directed the VCHC to work with the community and do more outreach. The community showed a large amount of disapproval for the project and LUPC, instead of voting it down, asked that VCHC take the project before the neighbors and try to work out some of the problems. Now according to Fight Back Venice, the project is using the Corona Virus to secure approval from the City Planning Commission without further outreach, without approval from LUPC, without approval from VNC.

The City Planning Commission is meeting to vote on the Project in a strictly virtual meeting on May 28. Information regarding the meeting is available here: https://planning.lacity.org/dcpapi/meetings/document/66666

Fight Back Venice says “since Venice has no friendly representation whatsoever at City Hall, we need to get as many emails on file opposing the Project as we possibly can by Friday, 15 May.

“Our goal is 1,000 emails, so please, take 10 seconds to send the one-click email yourself and rally as many friends and family members as you possibly can to do the same by taking 3 more seconds to forward this email to them.”

A short video about VCHC’s Lincoln Apartments Project is available here: https://www.fightbackvenice.org/

Comments (9)

  1. Keep up the good work Gav

    10% cut of salaries for state workers during an election year?
    California will return to be a republican state.

  2. Proud Dem

    Taxes are going up faster than the sea level in California..

  3. Mike Garcia wins big for California

    Big congratulations is in order to Republican Mike Garcia for winning. Time to turn California before it’s totally destroyed.

  4. Concerned Venetian

    These developments need to be next door to where Becky Dennison, Linda Lucks and their brainless minions live.

  5. Nicholas Antonicello

    Mike Bonin has probably counseled them through this process since he’s for the complete destruction of Venice. The VCH is a fraud, a landowner that is turning Venice upside down. St Mark’s and it’s pastor are being ignored for drug addicted transients, alcoholics and violent street thugs that will put the entire St Mark’s campus at risk. These people believe transients should have the same rights as a neighborhood resident, homeowner or tenant. Another “social” land grab by Mike Bonin and his not for profit bureaucrats who don’t care if Venice becomes permanently saddled in crime and drugs. If this doesn’t prove how hated normal people are by the likes of VCH, SPY and Bonin, then you must be an idiot. They don’t care what you think because you don’t matter and once they have a foothold they won’t leave, you will leave. You will sell your house and slowly like a cancer homelessness and transients will do pretty much as they please as they are so already. This pandemic gives Bonin and his cronies cart blanche to do as they please. A blank check for crime, drugs, alcoholism, gang members and a sense those who live here don’t matter, at least to Mike Bonin!

  6. Sue them

    We need to sue the entity till they go out of business VCHC isn’t the government .

  7. Venice Citizen

    How can Venice Community Housing Corporation (VCHC) and Safe Place for Youth bypass residents input? This is a massive project that shares space with 300 school children. I thought non-profits that take grants and tax-payer dollars have commitments to the community? As SPY’s current drop-in has already proven disruptive to St. Mark School by causing a lockdown, where is the concern for the children attending school or families in the neighborhood?

    • Heartbroken Parent

      That this project is getting fast-tracked even after SPY’s client went on an assault with a deadly weapon rampage a few weeks ago begging for suicide by cop and shut the attached elementary school down, is proof of just how bonkers upside-down and corrupt Venice’s political leaders are.

      Just last week SPY’s client at Bridge Housing assaulted a security guard. You’re telling me you’re going to put that same dangerous populace, and same bungling “leadership”, right next to all the kids from two elementary schools and a preschool?

      On what planet does Mike Bonin live? On what planet do we live that putting a target on kids backs is acceptable?

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