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Kostov Asks Officials Questions for Town Hall

Another virtual town hall by local US Senator Ted Lieu and State Senator Ben Allen on Ben Allen’s Facebook page, 6 May, Here are some of the questions Sima Kostov of the Venice Neighborhood Council, although not speaking on behalf of the council, would like answered.

Dear Senator Allen and Congressman Lieu:
1) Since Governor Newsom’s lockdown, but especially over the last 4 weeks, our Venice community has seen an exponential increase in encampments, the amount of “stuff” that is being accumulated in these encampments, and also the amount of trash that is being left out in residential areas on sidewalks and parkways. The common thread is that the “unhoused” are not held to the same safety and health standards as the rest of the Venice tax-paying residents. I’m sure you are aware that there is some real anger in Venice and throughout CD11 that speaks to this double-standard and the City’s inability, or rather unwillingness to do anything about it. How do you answer your constituents regarding this matter and what can you do to ensure health and safety in our neighborhood?

2) How were the classifications for essential businesses determined? Seems all businesses are essential when a family depends on their business to put food on the table and are dependent on its survival for their family’s survival. Particularly in Venice, food businesses at the Venice Boardwalk had to close down completely, while other businesses, such as ice cream shops in different locations, were not forced to close. The unequal treatment based on your location is unjust. How will you be compensating those businesses that had to close simply due to their location, while other businesses, in the same classification remained open?

3) How will you help your constituents and all the working class families of CD11 that voted you into office that will have to face the uncertainty of re-opening their businesses during this pandemic? You have to think of ways to assist not just the currently un-housed but also the middle class and the many of us who will be permanently affected by this plague—by our inability to put food on the table due to economic hardships and our inability to re-open our businesses and survive. What kind of policies are you working on to stimulate survival in LA for those of us that did not get PPP funds or any kind of federal aid/relief?

4) Why wasn’t there more transparency demanded by local and State lawmakers when Governor Newsom made a quiet deal with Chinese auto-maker BYD to produce 200 million masks/month for California to the tune of $990 million? Where are those masks? Why wasn’t there more of a push from the legislature to invest that money in California businesses and once again not farm that out overseas?
California has one of the largest economies in the world – where is the California stimulus package that helps our state?

Comments (3)

  1. William Arnet

    You can tell these democrats never ran a business let alone a Retail Business, People need to go inside, look and feel what they are looking for and curbside is very little help for most businesses. And it’s looking like now then end of July is when they are saying businesses might be able to open and next will be not until the November Election.

  2. john ryan

    Ted Lieu is in office because Santa Monica gave him about 19000 votes. In the other areas of his district he lost. If a Santa Monica resident ran against him he’d be looking for a job.

  3. Nicholas Antonicello

    It was awful. I don’t think any of her questions were even asked and the only person who seemed prepared to speak was Senator Allen. The other three need to take pay cuts for their lack of serious effort.

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