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Eviction and Rent Reduction Bill Proposed — AB828

Vote NO on Assembly Bill 828

State Bill, Assembly Bill 828 (Ting, D-San Francisco) Would Impose An Oppressive Eviction Moratorium & Force Landlords to Accept an Arbitrary & Unfair 25% Reduction in Rent for 12-Months.

NOTE:  Once again, one wonders what country one is living in when he sees legislation such as this get so far as a vote.  This would bankrupt almost all property owners and make all the politicians who want to buy bankrupt property happy.  This is called socialism, folks.  What is happening to our country!!!!  

Autumn Burke is your representative in the Assembly. Email her now.

Your senate representative is Benjamin Allen. Click here to send him an email.

By Daniel Yukelson
Help Stop the Insanity – The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles Urges All California Apartment Owners to Contact Your State Representatives and Tell Them to Vote NO on Assembly Bill 828 – Stop Inflicting Pain and More Oppressive Regulation on California’s Rental Housing Providers

Assembly Bill 828, proposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, would force every rental property owner in California to reduce rents by 25% for 12-months. This bill will, if passed, force California’s landlords to subsidize the rents of their tenants. In addition, the proposed bill severely restricts evictions for non-payment, illegal sub-let or assignment or to enforce written notice by tenant to terminate tenancy, while the COVID-19 state of emergency declaration is in effect by prohibiting a state court, county sheriff, or any party to an unlawful detainer (eviction) case from commencing or proceeding with an unlawful detainer action. Assembly Bill 828 goes way beyond the current temporary State or various local eviction moratoriums.

Please, you can help to defeat this terrible, ill-conceived piece of legislation by writing to or calling your elected officials. Contact them today and tell them to oppose Assembly Bill 828. Let them know that Assembly Bill 828 denies equal justice to the State’s rental housing providers and denies us a fair and reasonable return by forcing rental property owners to arbitrarily reduce rents by 25% — even if a tenant cannot prove a COVID-19 hardship or need!

Further, if passed, Assembly Bill 828 would:
Allow courts to set rents and interfere with rental agreements already in place.
Assume every tenant is facing a COVID-19 hardship and must be compensated for it with a 25% discount.
Protect nuisance tenants (e.g., crime, destruction of property, etc.) by not requiring tenants to answer unlawful detainer complaints.

Mandate that rental property owners demonstrate economic hardship to collect contracted rent.
Assembly Member Ting’s proposal completely ignores the existing tenant eviction protections in place throughout numerous local jurisdictions as well as those imposed by the Governor and the Judicial Council.

Comments (4)

  1. Lee

    Personally I am bending over backwards to help my tenants to get back on their feet. A good tenant is worth a multitude in the bush! Talk to your tenants and work out a plan together so you can understand their needs and they can understand yours. Everyone is hurting and the only way out of this is together. Vote sanity, Biden 2020!

    • Ed Washington

      It’s not about your tenets you fool. Civil Liberties and denial of due process has been violated. I will vote for sanity, Trump 2020!

  2. Fred Jones

    Every property owner need to send the Trump administration and let them know how Garcetti has taken away your constitutional rights. This has to be taken to the Supreme Court to overturn rent control.

  3. Ed Washington

    The virus is the opportunity the left was waiting for total over and control people. It is a clear violation of constitutional rights. but they don’t care. Mike Bonin has stated he sees this as an opportunity for him to pick up your property at bargain basement prices when he forces foreclosures. This is his master plan for the city. Newsom just partnered up again with a Chinese company on the verge of bankruptcy and gave them 1 billion dollars to make 5 million masks. I guess with California’s unemployment rate we couldn’t have used the contract. And with Newsoms and Garcetti’s open boarders and Covid-19 hitting Mexico hard. People are crossing the boarder for free rent, free medical care and Newsoms free money. Say what you will. I will take my chances on another 4 years of Trump.

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