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Dog Killed on Boardwalk by Dog Owned by Homeless Woman

(Photo credited to twitter.com/Veniceintel.)
This is the woman identified as the person who had the dog that attacked and killed the little dog recently on the Venice Boardwalk and bit the lady trying to help her dog and two other women, both trying to help. This picture is used here as an identifiable forewarning for others walking their dogs. Encircled is a butane tank and an axe that were used to fight off the dog.

A woman was injured and her dog was killed by a vicious dog owned by a homeless person recently on the Venice Boardwalk. Below is a letter sent to Chief Michel Moore by local resident describing the incident and stating the fact that residents are faced frequently with vicious dogs owned by homeless.

Dear Chief Moore,

Last night I was walking my dog on the boardwalk early evening. On my way home the BoardWalk was blocked off with ambulances and police cars on Thornton and Ocean Front Walk. When I got home I learned that a resident who was walking her small dog was viciously attacked by 1 of 2 dogs owned by a homeless woman who has been reported over and over for the same issues.

The woman’s dog was killed. She was taken to the hospital and needed 13 stitches in 3 locations. Who is going to pay for her medical bills? California is a strict liability state when it comes to dog attacks, this is a not a 1 free first bite state. Normally the owner would have the liability to pay for this woman’s medical bills, but since you refuse to enforce the law among the worst offenders, she is in a position where she will have to pay these costs herself. We love our dogs, they are our best friends, so we are going to try to break up the dog fight to save our dogs.

Note: A video was provided but the woman who was attacked asked that it be removed so the reference to the video has been removed.

You can watch the hysteria of the dog attack on this video. It’s very disturbing and shocking. You will even see a homeless man pull out an axe and try to kill the dog which had bitten the woman. This looks like a scene out of a third world country.

Attached is an email that I wrote to Councilmember Bonin on October 8th, 2019 bringing up the fact that dogs owned by homeless people were becoming a huge problem, I myself have been lunged at while walking my dog a few times now. I copied yourself, the Mayor, and the City Attorney as well. Councilmember Bonin never responded to my email.

What happened yesterday was unnecessary. It was caused out of gross negligence by the City and failure to protect its citizens. Many of us have been warning you about this specific issue for some time and no action has been taken. We have warned the City that something bad was bound to happen, now it has, and this resident happened to walk by at the wrong time.

I look forward to working with this resident, to help her collect as much evidence as she needs documenting that the City knew about this issue and failed to act, so that she can sue the City of LA for damages. Perhaps once she wins her lawsuit will the City start doing anything to prevent this from unnecessarily happening to anyone else. It is my understanding that LAPD has known about this problematic group of homeless people for sometime now, but there is nothing they can do about the situation.

What can we do to find a solution? How can you take these animals away from negligent owners who abuse and weaponize them. breed and sell them illegally? I keep my dog up to date with all immunizations. How can you enforce that everyone follow the same rules in order to protect the health of the public? What if anything, can you offer as a solution to get out to the boardwalk today and start taking action? I belive that you can find some method of enforcement to stop this from happening to anyone else.

Soledad Ursua
Venice Beach Resident

Comments (14)

  1. Take action before it's to late

    The Homeless are spreading Covid-19 like wildfire in Venice. It is out of control. Bonin and Garcetti are doing nothing to get them off the streets. The VNC is a toothless tiger they are no help period. They are in Bonin’s hip pocket bought and paid for with our tax dollars.

  2. Adverage Joe

    Bonin is never going to clean up this mess. He only makes it worse. Bonin Garcetti and Newsom are going to raise your taxes very soon they have run out of money to waste.. And any person who goes along with it, deserves what they get.

  3. Jeffery Pinkus

    We are all in this together LOL

  4. john ryan

    Chief of Police

    Michel Moore email 23506@lapd.online

  5. Ned Jetson

    The woman in the photo is working on Bonin’s re-electon campaign promise to the people CD 11

  6. Nicholas Antonicello

    The Cops should have shot the dog on site and that disgusting fat transient should have been arrested. That’s what would happen in a normal municipality where the handcuffs are not on the police to do their job. Instead wrong is right and right is wrong, enabled by a socialist councilman who has become a millionaire in his “public service” to the community. This douche bag known as Mike Bonin!

  7. Sam Weston

    Venice has become on par with skid row. Property values have declined. You people have no one to blame but yourselves for letting this happen. Even the LAPD is laughing at you. Get off you asses and do something!!!

  8. Rick Swinger

    If out of state arrest warrant, dead chihuahua, pit bull attracts, personal injuries, possible city lawsuits, puppy mill and now to find out Regina Weller already help her out with a $6215.00 go fund me site for a move to a trailer in Hemit which yours truly and a few others donated too! Wow what a way to pay us back by unleashing killer pit bulls and selling their pups to who knows who on the beach! What could possibly go wrong now?

  9. The V.

    You can thank Mike Bonin for this mess. Now I have to clean it up.

  10. Ed Washington

    CA has become unsafe. This story is just one of many taking place throughout the Golden State. You can blame Newsom for a large part of this dilemma but equally responsible are the CA voters who passed several “feel good” measures including Prop 47 and 57.
    Many CA voters seem intent on mirroring the failed criminal justice policies from NY and other high crime cities. Keep your doors and windows locked, your children inside, install expensive security systems both inside and outside your home and build a 6 foot wall around your property. You’ll be okay!
    Got to love them sanctuary cities!

  11. Rick Swinger

    Its now Dog Eat Dog in Bonin’s World of Anarchy! This out of town lady has a warrant out for her arrest in Lincoln Nebraska according to research Alan Parsons did and published on Stop Illegal Dumping. Her name is Catherine Irene Schultis and was commenting on her puppy sales so it appears she is breeding these pit bulls and selling them on the boardwalk before they are even born!

  12. Nicholas Antonicello

    The boardwalk is a dangerous place under Mike Bonin and getting worse all of the time. This is why I follow the social distancing parameters and stay away from the boardwalk. Unfortunately, hundreds if not thousands do not. If the beach is re-opened anytime soon you will have complete chaos and anarchy as you will need hundred of cops to regulate distancing. I feel terrible for this woman and her pet, but why are you there in the first place? The boardwalk now belongs to Bonin and his meth head, transient, criminal element that do as they please. Normal people have no protections or representation under Mike Bonin.

  13. Ed Washington

    The city has the deepest pockets. That is a good place to sue as well as the LAPD, Animal control and the Social Service organizations that Advocate for the homeless. Any self proclaimed Activist as well. I would also consider suing the housing Authority and building and safety. The homeless are building structures without permits. The only way to get Bonin to make changes is to make CD11 bleed as much cash as possible.

  14. BoardwalkWorker

    If the victim is going to sue they can make a case for the city not just ignoring the homeless dog bite problem, but exacerbating and encouraging it. As long as Mike Bonin’s team is promoting and funneling money to arming homeless with dogs, it’s a walking lawsuit waiting to happen.


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