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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Chrysalis Senior Operations Manager to Head Venice BID

Eleni Polakoff will be replacing Tara Devine as the new Venice BID Executive Officer as of 4 May.

Eleni Polakoff

Eleni comes from Chrysalis Los Angeles where she was a senior operations manager. Chrysalis is the BID nonprofit Clean Team services partner, and for the past 22 months, Eleni has been the BID liaison for the Venice BID Clean Team operations.

Eleni has stressed hiring locally. As a result, Chrysalis has hired many unhoused Venetians for the Venice BID Clean Team. These new hires have also received Chrysalis program support for finding housing. And since Clean Team employment is transitional, workers move on to permanent jobs, which leaves openings for new local hires.

Comments (3)

  1. Ed Washington

    Lawsuits need to be filed against the Venice Bid and the city for gross neglect and management of public funds. The only way to get the justice for the residents of Venice is to file as many lawsuits as possible, plain and simple.

  2. Nicholas Antonicello

    Her hiring is proof why the BID has had zero impact on crime or the quality of life in that district. This is another not for profit disciple of Mike Bonin and the BID members are being ripped off to pay more in fees because the taxes they already pay are being squandered! How long is the pit at Muscle Beach to remain unfinished in construction? My prediction is it may never open again. Thanks Mike!

  3. Betty Wade

    I would never in a million years rent to any of them period. They have destroyed Venice beach period. They need to be run out of town.

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