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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

LAHSA is now using motel/hotel sites

LAHA has reported they have 17 motel/hotel sites totaling 1349 beds for homeless and are serving 1141 people at the sites.

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  1. Sea

    Is it true that the Cadillac Hotel is one of them

    • reta

      Don’t know. Just checked it out on internet and that hotel is $170 per nite. Perhaps, they have made a contract with LAHSA so they can just stay solvent during this time.

    • Ed Washington

      Oh it is true alright Your pal Bonin’s vision is being realized right under your noses. Elections have consequences. When you get a chance take a stroll down Palms Blvd by the golf course and look at the future of Venice Beach. a little shocking!!!

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