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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Stories for the week of 20 thru 26 April

Stories for the week of 20 April thru 26 April that Venetians should consider provided by other Venetians. Last story will always be first.

Reta Moser

US District Judge David O. Carter tries to bring the businesses in line with those who continuously sue or vice versa. He made a statement that only about 60 percent would accept housing and the other percentage would migrate. He felt when shelter (beds) was/were provided for the 60 percent that the laws on the books could be enforced. Sobel says percentage too low. Suggestion was made that the Federal government should monitor. Right now there is no enforcement.


Reta Moser

LA City Council voted 7-6 to reject proposals by Bonin-Ryu to restrict landlords even more and proposing an even more restrictive ban on evictions. Then another proposal to be considered at one time by Bonin was to use Federal funds to buy these REO (real estate owned) properties. Backing landlords into losing their properties and then buying up the properties by the City!!! What country is this?

Cities fight plans for homeless to live in motels leased by City.

Reta Moser

US District Judge David O. Carter exemplifies the type of person books are written about; songs are sung about; legends are made. The judge is hands on for solutions. He goes to the problems and takes both sides with him and seeks solutions.What happened to the stores that Salvation Army volunteered for shelters is not stated in this story but a previous story brought up that Salvation Army would provide their stores for shelters if they could run them. They had beds with cubicles at 13 to 14K ready to come from North or South Dakota. What happened to that is not known. This latest story is even more revealing of what this man is about.

Some parts of state want to reopen.

Eva Greene

Another update you should all be aware of that seems quite disturbing and predatory.

Last Saturday our councilman held an online meeting regarding Covid-19.
Well and good, except the he also announced that he intends to push forward a motion to have the city buy up homes, apartments, and motel foreclosures due to our devastated economy and then turn them into homeless housing.

In other words, they set in play the conditions that have reduced people’s ability to pay their mortgages and now they want to buy up our properties once foreclosed and set them aside for the homeless on the streets. Yet it was their mandated closure of our businesses, their mandated rent moratorium for renters and the effect on landlords, and their closure of “non-essential businesses” that have lead to a great loss of jobs for homeowners and mortgage holders.

Here is the Mike Bonin quote from Satruday’s 4/18/20 online meeting:
“I intend on putting in another proposal in the next week or two that asks the city to look at the federal bailout or stimulus funds we’ll be getting as a result of this crisis…and using some of that to either buy hotels that go belly up or to buy the distressed properties that are absolutely going to be on the market at cheaper prices after this crisis is over. And use that as homeless and affordable housing. It’s going to be a hell of a lot cheaper to purchase stuff that is already there and move people in there than if we start from scratch. A lot of good stuff is being done.” –

He’s talking about our properties, our neighbor’s properties, and all hard working people who through no fault of their own will be in this mortgage crisis.

Please email the city council to let them know how wrong this all is appearing to be, and let them know that what Mr. Bonin is proposing is highly predatory and exploitive.

Below is a sample letter and email address for the city council.
mailto:councilmember.martinez@lacity,org; councilmember.bonin@lacity.org

Soledad Ursua

Los Angeles councilman to propose using federal coronavirus relief funds to purchase foreclosed properties for the homeless.
EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles councilman to propose using federal coronavirus relief funds to purchase foreclosed properties for the homeless

Comments (3)

  1. Rick Swinger

    Nothing describes failure like a federal judge telling our incompetent Mayor and Councilmembers how to do their jobs!

  2. john Ryan

    Remember the last time LA achieved a set number of beds Garcetti and Bonin refused to enforce no camping laws-why will this be any different.

    • Ed Washington

      This is more than camping the homeless are erecting structures in the middle of the sidewalks. If you did this on your property building and safety would be all over you with citations and fines. They break the laws on so Manny levels without consequences and yet the police are blocking the parking lots at the beaches and going after people not social distancing. The Mayor and the governor are trying to get money from the federal government. We need to make the federal government aware of what is going on. Trump listens to Fox News. I urge everyone to contact Fox with photos and videos with the hopes Trumps doesn’t give them dime one so they can misappropriate the baill out money.

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