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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

State Bill wants to roll back rents 25 percent …

Assembly Bill AB828 wants to reduce the rents by 25 percent.

Senator Ben Allen and Representative Autumn Burke are your representatives. Allen can be reached via email by going to his website; Burke can be reached by telephone 916-319-2062 in Sacramento or locally at 310-412-6400;

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  1. Robin Rosen

    This has nothing to do with protecting renters rights or helping the homeless. Don’t be fooled. This how the Nazis began to acquire private property. When civil rights are violated and the constitution is ignored as the Mayor and the city counsel has done. The Nazi, the Mayor and city counsel are one in the same. The Nazi was doing the work of the people and so it the Mayor and the city counsel.

  2. Ed Washingtion

    The Supreme Court says different. PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS MEAN:
    1. The owner’s exclusive authority to determine how private property is used;

    2. The owner’s peaceful possession, control, and enjoyment of his/her legally purchased, deeded private property;

    3. The owner’s ability to make contracts to sell, rent, or give away all or part of the legally purchased/deeded private property;

    4. That local, city, county, state, and federal governments are prohibited from exercising eminent domain for the sole purpose of acquiring legally purchased/deeded private property so as to resell to a private interest or generate revenues;

    5. That no local, city, county, state, or federal government has the authority to impose directives, ordinances, fees, or fines regarding aesthetic landscaping, color selections, tree and plant preservation, or open spaces on legally purchased/deeded private property;

    6. That no local, city, county, state or federal government shall implement a land use plan that requires any part of legally purchased/ deeded private property be set aside for public use or for a Natural Resource Protection Area directing that no construction or disturbance may occur;

    7. That no local, city, county, state, or federal government shall implement a law or ordinance restricting the number of dwellings

    that may be placed on legally purchased/ deeded private property;

    8. That no local, city, county, state, or federal government shall alter or impose zoning restrictions or regulations that will devalue or limit the ability to sell legally purchased/deeded private property;

    9. That no local, city, county, state, or federal government shall limit profitable or productive agriculture activities by mandating and controlling what crops and livestock are grown on legally purchased/deeded private property;

    10. That no local, city, county, state, or federal government representatives or their assigned agents may enter private property without the written permission of the property owner or is in possession of a lawful warrant from a legitimate court of law. This includes invasion of property rights and privacy by government use of unmanned drone flights

  3. Terri Baldwin

    Common examples of cases that involve civil rights violations include:
    Government misconduct, involving significant injuries caused by the government to your life, liberty, or property. The city counsel and Mayor are guilty of these practices. As well as your tenets if they participate in these illegal actions.

  4. Sal Cordova

    All Property owner need to be aware. Ask this is a prelude to abolishing Prop 13 if they can set president here good by prop 13

  5. Time to fight back

    Contact the FBI and file a complaint now. This is a plan hatched to take property .

  6. Noreen K

    I wasn’t a Republican before but I sure am now.

  7. Mark Walton

    I didn’t vote for Tump in 2016 But know I am 100 percent

  8. Trump 2020

    This Bill will devalue all property. Plus it is unconstitutional. Complaining to the far left won’t get you anywhere. It is time to sue in federal court.

  9. Vote your life depends on it.

    Now you understand why you have to vote for Tump in 2020. These type of bills only help advance my support of Donald Trump. Your civil rights are at risk here. When they do this to landlords they will do this to you.

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