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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

For those who own rental properties …

As one government employee once said and this is not verbatim “One should never let the opportunities of a good crisis go to waste … .” Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilman Mike Bonin have both declared that this is the opportunity to pick up rental properties … and from legislation they have created. What countries does this remind you of from history?

Telephone number for Councilman Mike Bonin is 213-444-3508, not number listed.

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  1. Marie

    In the pipeline is an ordinance mandating that the City, tenants, and ‘Mission’ driven developers, have first right of refusal to purchase property when Ellis Act proceedings are initiated on rental property. And to consider extending this to all rental property. Is this even legal?

  2. Sea

    Logged into the public comments for Wednesday city council meeting at the exact time forum opened, waited over an hour and was not able to speak, they closed publiccomments, this is a violation of my rights, how can I forward my complaints

    • reta

      You can call your council person. Phone number is listed. Whether is is really reflecting the public or the public’s welfare is totally uncertain at this time.

  3. Rick Swinger

    Making landlords pay for public welfare? Thats clearly the responsibility of the government. We pay taxes for that already. This is a ploy used my weak politicians like Mike Bonin to pander to their dwindling supporters. Renters and landlords alike prefer the government to send out checks of $2000/mo to supplement the rent. It’s simple direct and won’t cause major lawsuits. Common sense thats not so common in “Bonin’s World!”

  4. Betty Gold

    All Landlords and Homeowners need to organize a fund raiser for Donald Trump and make him aware of Garcetti’s plans to take away our civil liberties. Once TRUMP understands what is going on here he will act. Make no mistake about it Garcetti and the crooks on the city counsel want to take your business and property away from you. TRUMP IS YOUR ONLY HOPE.

    • Jim

      Well if Trump’s on your side, I’m on the other side. Still, I’m glad to have Trump supporters here in California rather than in Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Florida where their votes for this lying incompetent narcissistic pig would matter. So please stay with us!


      • Bob Andrews

        Trump is going to win by a landslide. Deal with it. Once Trump finds out What Garcetti and the city counsel are up to with federal funds. He will cut CA off. Jim what are you going to do when your welfare runs out and it will. When CA doesn’t have a middle class to steal from.

        • The V.

          I was “evicted” from one of said sites.

          At SMCourt (cough) “magically” one of said slumlords backed down.

          This is going to get reeally interesting, laughing out loud…

          • The V.

            Slumlord actually paid me, for more than what he sued me for!

            Jesus, this is going to get interesting.

            Meanwhile, say, hei, anybody got news on the skate park? I want drone/aerial fotos of this s***

          • Ronda Roads

            The V. may talk like an idiot, and look like an idiot, but don’t let that fool you,: the V. really is an idiot.

  5. all landlords need to ban together. we can’t just sit in silence. i take very good care of my property and all tenant needs. a lot of people decided to take advantage and not pay their rent. But what about me paying the mortgages.
    this is becoming a police state – how can they seize our property and tell us what to do. i think they are trying to invoke fear for us and leniency for tenants.
    we have to get together and be stronger to stand up for our rights. they are dictating how we run our business. do they tell clothing stores they can’t charge more for jeans? Please lets do something

    • reta

      Join AAGLA, AOA. This is absolutely ridiculous. Call Bonin, Call Nury Martinez and let them know this is un-American. They are catering to socialism and to voters. They have encouraged, thru their inompetence to provide affordable housing, to take others property.

    • Jonathan

      I totally agree. This is an illegal taking. Government is having landlords finance progressive goals and breaking into private contracts. Garrett I and Newsom could care less about people who own property and pay taxes. Very scary.

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