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Wilhite Answers a Few Questions Regarding Venice Bridge Home

Allison Wilhite, deputy director of Bridge Home, gave an update of Venice Bridge Home in answer to some questions.

Shawn Stern, who lives across the street and can see much of the activity, had questions regarding the capacity that prompted Venice Update to ask questions.

Wilhite answers to Venice Update questions were:

Regarding capacity at site, I want to clarify a few things. First, for a few weeks now, the 6-bed bungalow in the youth area has intentionally been kept empty in order to serve as a quarantine area on site should any residents develop symptoms of COVID-19. If that happens, the resident will be moved to this bungalow until DPH and LAHSA can arrange for them to move to an isolated room, likely at a hotel / motel.

Second, the adult section is filled. There are a few youth beds to still fill, and LAHSA and SPY are working closely to fill them as soon as possible with youth from the Venice area. In positive news, we did have a youth or two reunite with family and move out of the A Bridge Home, as well as several more were matched to a housing resource and are working toward finalizing that process.

Please note, a few residents who are identified as being highly vulnerable because of age and underlying health conditions are being moved to hotel / motel rooms out of an abundance of caution.

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  1. Nicholas Antonicello

    She is nothing but a taxpayer funded mouth piece for idiot Mike Bonin. She does not live here nor does she know ANYTHING about bridge housing or Venice. She is a political operative disguised as a municipal policy representative with no real knowledge or skill set regarding homelessness or the epidemic created by Bonin’s Office. She and Bonin WANT THE ENCAMPMENTS and they know bridge housing is a now a ghetto by the sea!

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