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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Councilman Bonin to Have Telephone Town Hall Regarding Coronavirus

are interested, click here to patch you into the main call.

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  1. Sal Goodman

    Good people of Venice bend over get line while Bonin give you his stimulus package.

  2. Bonin is the biggest crook in Venice

    Bonin sure helped the homeless LOL. He took all the cash he could carry and left the homeless for the residents to live with. Don’t believe what his PR firm puts out. They are all lies. Bonin is a crook and so is Garcetti and the rest of the city counsel.

  3. Sea

    Anyone attend this meeting, I felt it would be just another dog and pony show, which I am getting sooooo tired of with our current elected officials

  4. Bonin endused rescission

    Bonin is going to do the same to you as he has helped the homeless. “Nothing” Bonin still get’s his 200 Plus paycheck.

  5. The three Amegios

    I love how Bonin, Garcetti and Newsom tell everyone this is a Pandemic induced economic rescission. No it’s a government induced rescission. They shut down all the business which lead to your layoffs and job losses. Those three are responsible for you becoming homeless and poor. But they all got pay raises at your expense.

  6. peter G

    I read about the Town Hall meeting this Sat on the newer format of VENICE UPDATE…..but the address too hard to read……
    I hope to attend if address is found. Blessings PG 310-821-9862

  7. Nicholas Antonicello

    This is another taxpayer funded scam. All of these people are getting paid on a Saturday no less, as if their hands were not all ready deep in the pockets of every Venetian and Angeleno. There is nothing worth listening too and nothing these paid apologists and enablers will tell other than what a wonderful Mayor we have in Eric Garcetti and what a great councilman in Mike Bonin. This is state sponsored rhetoric designed pivot and divert attention to the terrible job these idiots are doing! Don’t waste your time or energy talking to the mouth pieces of Garcetti and Bonin, the only interest is getting reelected.

  8. Bonin dog and pony show

    Bonin is a fake and a phony not to be trusted. Need I say more CD11

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