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City to Become City of Blight; City Can No Longer Enforce Large Item Removal

City, residents once again lose to blight, big blight! The ordinance that allowed the City Sanitation Bureau to pick up items that would not fit into a 60-gallon container was shot down by a federal judge.

LA Times article also stated it “provides absolutely no mechanism to contest any decision by city workers, even though the consequence of those decisions is the immediate and often permanent deprivation of property,” the plaintiffs argued.

“Sometimes one wins a fight but loses the battle,” said Reta Moser. “This is a big loss for housed and unhoused alike and for the City of Los Angeles to be sanitary and halfway clean. This is disgusting. Will we be renamed Mattressville?”

The decision still allows crews to confiscate items when unattended, blocking a sidewalk, or are a threat to health and safety.

LA Times article.

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  1. Garcetti and Bonin got to go

    Garcetti and the city counsel need to go. Revolt don’t pay the taxes. it for them The illegals don’t. your paying for them.

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