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Cedars-Sinai Planning Hearing to Use Zoom

Planning hearing for Cedars-Sinai at 4640 -4660 Lincoln Blvd, 13205 Mindanao Way will be heard, broadcast via Zoom 14 May at 8:30 am.

The meeting’s telephone number and access code access number will be provided no later than 72 hours before the meeting on the meeting agenda published at https://planning.lacity.org/about/commissionsboards-hearings and/or by contacting cpc@lacity.org.

The Project proposes the replacement of the existing Cedars-Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital with new acute care hospital facilities, in compliance with the Alfred E. Alquist Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act. The Project will be constructed on the existing Cedars-Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital site (Project Site). To maintain hospital operations, the new replacement hospital building will be constructed on the Project Site prior to the demolition of the existing 96,480 square-foot hospital building (licensed for 133 patient beds).

The Project will construct the following replacement facilities: (1) a nine-story, 258,500 square-foot hospital measuring 191 feet in height and providing a total of 160 patient beds, (2) a new two-story energy center building with approximately 6,000 square feet of floor area and 14,000 square feet of mechanical area, measuring 55 feet in height, (3) an approximately 4,500 square-foot loading dock, (4) a 300 square-foot fire pump building, (5) a medical gas enclosure, (6) and a DWP substation and switchgear enclosure.

The Project will also include a comprehensive sign program. The Project will provide a total of 392 automobile parking spaces, with 292 parking spaces located on-site and a total of 100 parking spaces located off-site. A total Initial Commission HN (All Commissions) – rev. 04/07/2020 Page 2 of 54 long-term and 27 short-term bicycle parking spaces will be provided on-site. The Project will include two (53-foot by 11-foot) temporary mobile imaging trailers on-site that will be used for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans during construction, and will be removed upon completion of the replacement hospital building.

Staff contact is Esther Serrato, City Planning Associate
200 North Spring Street, Room 720
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 978-1211

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