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Stories of the Week — 13 – 19 April

(Anonymous submittal.Container on Rose. See second story submittal by Darryl DuFay.)

Stories of the Week are from 13 to 19 April. Always the last story will be first. These are stories that Venetians should have the opportunity to read. Some comments may be thrown in too. Right now the news is the virus and we have the web site for Venice tally, the LA Times, and the local TV Stations. Other than the specific Venice count, you are bombarded with news.


Ten nurses suspended for refusing to treat covad patients without N95 masks.

Rick Swinger

Not a mention of mental health or drug addiction. Not a mention of David Busch blocking the clean up efforts of Care plus, tiki bar and public storage steam clean ups. Please comment so folks don’t buy into this. They need to hear the truth!

Darryl DuFay

Under what is happening at VA, Councilman Mike Bonin mentions using a “safe parking” pilot in one of the beach parking lots. Venice is not designated as such.

Judge gives a tentative ruling regarding seizure of bulky items that leaves
“no check of any kind” on the power of the sanitation department to seize and destroy things on the street.


US District Judge David Carter takes the county attorneys to Skid Row to show them how they fall short in addressing the Coronavirus.

Comments (3)

  1. Concerned Venice Resident

    @Darryl DuFay, the article didn’t mention what beaches Bonin is considering. Where did hear that the Venice Beach parking lot WON’T be used? Can you tell us what beach parking lots are being considered?

    • Darryl DuFay

      The beach parking lots in Mike Bonin’s CD11 are in Venice south of the City of Santa Monica to the pier at Washington Blvd. The following comment plus the article was sent to VeniceUpdate. What was printed was editorial interpretation.

      “Below is the information about Venice that you don’t want to miss. You will notice that the article does not use the word Venice, where the beach parking lots are located, only “Westside” district. We shall see but don’t be surprised if this actually occurs.”

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