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Mayor Claims Housed Give Coronavirus to Homeless

By Darryl DuFay

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti appeared on the ABC7 Eyewitness Newsmaker show on Sunday, April 5th at 3:30 p.m. It was moderated by Adrienne Alpert.

It was a show on the coronavirus. During the last half of the program the issue of the involvement of the homeless was discussed. The mayor reviewed the opening of city recreation centers and housing in hotels for the homeless and other services to support them such as street hand washing stations.

Then the mayor made an amazing statement to the effect that the virus affecting the homeless came from those of us who were housed and brought to the unhoused homeless. Ms. Alpert didn’t question that assertion.

So now we know Eric’s thinking about how the virus appearing in the homeless population arrived there.

Comments (7)

  1. Fake Mayor

    The Mayor is sporting an unstable government in Los Angeles and hired a PR firm to throw shade on Angolans. I maybe the only one who is not buying into it.

  2. Meg Simpson

    Garcetti was the same ones who told everyone not to wear face masks in the beginning of the Pandemic. The best way to tell when Garcetti is lying. His lips are moving.

  3. Tax Revolt Now

    The Garcetti PR machine paid for by you the taxpayer will make him out to be a hero. If you believe that, Then bend over and assume your position. Garcetti has destroyed the Economy of Los Angeles alone with the city counsel.

  4. Carol Reynes

    Despite having a large communications department, Garcetti spent another $400K of OUR $$ for 2 PR firms specifically to work on messaging regaring COVID-19. I immediately knew why (spin doctoring COVID-19 and homeless) and it looks like those PR firms wasted NO time. Good thing Garcetti is such a douche that noone takes him seriously.

  5. Walter Cone

    Garcetti has targeted the middle class with the shut down of businesses. It makes no sense what the difference between going to the market or going to an office. We are in an economic depression. Look at all the road work that is being done. I for one Blane Garcetti, the city counsel and Newsom for the economic devotion to the state.

  6. Fake News

    This is a hoax perpetrated by the media and the Mayors office.

  7. Unbelievable

    Ah, of course. It’s the HOUSED who are dangerous for the “unhoused.” Not the unhoused transients setting a dangerous, blazing fire at 250 4th Ave. in Venice yesterday, despite the neighbors begging the city and police for help with the encampment there growing out of control for weeks.

    Understood. The Mayor and his cronies support an upside down world where the transients are poor waifs at risk, not the other way around.

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