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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

BID Clean and Safe Teams Adjust Work to Fit Coronavirus Environment

As a result of all the businesses being shutdown, there is less trash for the Clean Team and more situations for the Safe Team of the Venice BID.

Safe Team Adjustments

Very few people are out on foot, greatly reducing on-street interactions with our team. However, most businesses in the district are closed and require increased attention. As a result, we are making the following patrolling adjustments:

  • A second patrol car has been added, with corresponding reductions in bike patrolling.
  • Safe Team services are now being provided around the clock every day of the week.
  • Driving patrols of Speedway and the “dead end” east-west streets between Speedway and the Boardwalk will take place throughout each day and continuously during the night to deter criminal activity in this area.
  • Patrols throughout the rest of the BID will continue to be conducted.

Clean Team Adjustments

With greatly decreased foot traffic, our district’s cleaning needs have also diminished. Business closures and an absence of tourists have further reduced the daily volume of litter and trash on our streets. So we are adjusting our maintenance services accordingly:

  • Clean Team sweeping shifts are being decreased slightly to reflect the lower volume of trash, but the entire district will continue to receive cleanup services to meet its needs.
  • To help team members remain safer and more efficient as they work on our streets, one sweeper position is being converted to a full-time job sanitizing facilities and equipment.
  • We have obtained new resources for sanitizing high-touch areas of the district every day, including cross walk buttons, parking meters, benches, etc.
  • Our team will continue actively attending to graffiti, trash, and power washing needs – but due to additional safety precautions, completing a request for pressure washing may take longer than usual.

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