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Venice Update

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Fight Back Venice Gives Rebuttal to VCH Lincoln Apartments

Fight Back Venice gives their facts regarding the 40-unit project proposed for Lincoln Blvd near Washington Blvd to be built by Venice Community Housing Corporation. Half the residents will be between the ages of 18 and 26 and the other half is proposed for mentally ill.

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  1. The V.

    Indeed: this is the time to file, while most everybody I know is SCREWED to be out of work and at home watching endless ESPN, and while all Cali Courts are currently stalled/backed up. File it NOW! Make it your full-time job to put the PITA paperwork case together, submit it, file it. It won’t reach Cali trial for many a blue moon from now, but at least it’ll be in line for When Things Go Back To Abby-Normal.

  2. File mass lawsuits now against VCH

    We will sue and keep suing till VCH runs out of money. I urge all Venice resident to sue VCH

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