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Judge Carter Holds Out-of-Box Meet on Homelessness and Gets Solutions

Judge David Carter of Orange County fame gets together with Mayors, Chiefs of Police and Fire, housing suppliers, service providers, members of city councils in LA County and people from Orange County to think out of the box trying to get the homeless off the street into shelters ASAP in light of the coronavirus.

Note: This is a fascinating transcript of possibilities Judge Carter brokered. These are only some of the notes. This is a good read.

This is the description of the transcript: Transcript of March 19, 2020 proceedings in the courtroom of U.S. District Judge David O. Carter — an emergency hearing on what can be done to quickly to get homeless people off the streets of Los Angeles County amid the coronavirus outbreak. for a lawsuit filed by the L.A. Alliance for Human Rights, a group of business owners, downtown residents and others who are demanding solutions to what they call unsafe and inhumane conditions in encampments.

Mayor Eric Garcetti talks first about the units in place, how many that will be in place 1 July, how many are still in the works.

Carter talks about need to get mental institutions open, particularly the mental institution in Northridge.

According to Judge Dave Carter only about 60 percent of the homeless will accept housing; the others will drift into other neighborhoods. So he figured 60 percent of LA’s City’s 37 to 38,000 was 25,000.

Apparently North Dakota has a deal to provide 20,000 units of some kind. Shelters can be put up in 28 days. $1.9 million for 70 beds that can be turned into 140 beds or 13.5 thousand per unit. Kevin de Leon has a deal to provide Orange County with 4000 but could have 20,ooo tied up. Everyone wants them now, including Oakland. This was brokered as they talked.

Where to put them? City owned property? Salvation Army stepped up and agreed to put them in their store fronts free of rent if they could run them. They have 60 to 70 storefronts.

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  1. Lee

    All I’ve seen is more and more homeless and tents on the street. The Bridge Home did nothing to reduce the number on the street, if anything it has made it worse.

    • Billy Bird

      That Bonin is as cool as a cucumber when it comes to screwing over the residents of Venice. That Bridge housing is one big scram

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