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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Has Nine Cases of Coronavirus; Homeless Do Not Take Isolation Seriously; City Not Providing SEC Zone

Nine cases of Coronavirus reported in Venice as of Thursday, 26 March, according to LA County Department of Public Health. Non homeless residents fear for their health.

A film was recorded of homeless residents not abiding by the isolation regulation established by the state and city.

City has not implemented the SEC (Special Enforcement and Cleaning) zone as promised starting 9 March in spite of it supposedly being implemented. The City brought in toilets and wash stations here and there making it one large encampment.

There are complaints by housed residents of lack of trash cleanup, bulky-item pickup, and OSHA violations regarding the toilets and the wash stations as well as not maintaining the proper distance and isolation requirements established by State and City authorities. Rick Swinger posted on Councilman Mike Bonin’s Facebook page that operator had no face mask and gloves on and was eating near the wash station. His comment was later removed from Facebook page. During the rain people stayed inside their tents and the trash was removed.

The following are pictures by Rick Swinger of what it happening in encampment areas of Hampton and 3rd and Rose.

Comments (11)

  1. Has Matt

    If your looking towards leadership for help you can forget it your SOL. It’s time for all Venice residents to band together and confront the problem head on before it gets more out of control.

  2. Donnald Lee

    Stop drinking the Bonin Garcetti koolaid. Venice has many more positive than nine. The refuse to test high risk individuals so they can keep things covered up. This one again puts the whole community at risk. Leaving high risk individuals on the street doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out.

  3. Rick Swinger

    Everyone should read this. We have a Federal Judge that seems to understands the situation we face with our local elected officials doing harm to our communities. https://www.scribd.com/document/452823345/Transcript-3-19-20-Judge-Carter-County-of-Los-Angeles-Homelessness?fbclid=IwAR1ELS89MPKaY0xULI5vB4eCxcCn1DiMnQqVT0DmDgSDDUG5gSJNP0cBo_E

  4. Everything Rick post is absolutely true and Mije Bonin still chooses to do nothing.

  5. Rick Swinger

    Stop illegal Dumping in Venice Beach who’s been documenting this “Shit” for nearly 4 years (without any public funding) was closed down by Facebook yesterday! We average 10’s of thousands of viewers weekly mostly in district 11. I have been on this site working full time and have never been shut down before! I appealed their decision and won without taking down a single post! As of today we are up an running. We just lost a day but it felt longer for all this “Shit” is happening to our neighborhood! LAHSA Ignoring Social Distancing on 3rd Ave, Vagrants open a 24/7 Open Bar on 3rd and Mark Ryavec President of VSA wakes me up at 4am saying he needs that video I published to send in an Amicus Brief and my site was down! It all work out Thanks to Reta and the Courage of a few neighbors who want to remain anonymous.

  6. Nicholas Antonicello

    Now that government is shielded from any scrutiny or accountability, Mike Bonin recklessly is putting lives at risk due to his inability and inaction to do anything remotely constructive. While thousands of Venetians will be losing jobs, that moron will retain his $285,000 salary along with that incompetent staff of political hacks and apologists who will feel nothing financially during this crisis. Bonin and his moronic staff are literally letting people die on the streets of Venice and does not care. As I have stated in previous posts, he hates Venice and the people who live here and pretends to care about the homeless of which he is doing nothing.

    • Vernon jones

      Nick, Bonin should be incited for murder. I am writing a letter to William Barr to make the case. I hope people follow suit. He needs to be put in prison.

  7. Bob Younger

    I don’t know what worse the Virus or the leadership of Newson, Garcetti and Bonin. If I catch the Virus I have a better chance of getting over it. The three parasites I will Never recovery from the damage they caused.

  8. Betty Peterson

    Garcetti is waiting till we surpass New York before he does anything. Loved mayor Yoga pants press conference were, we should all be relieved he closed down all the beach parking lots to contain the spread. Most people are responsible. But the homeless are not and never will be. They all need to be tested and gotten off the street before it’s too late to turn it back.

  9. Grant Murphy

    The homeless are all over Whole Foods. and the 99 cents store Touching every surface. And pan handling. I like Whole Foods but not that much where I have to take my life in my hands to shop there. Garcetti will never test high risk populations. IF HE DID HE WOULD HAVE TO ACT. Nor does he acknowledge that Vape and Pot shops put people at risk for contracting the virus. Read the latest studies. Instead he says Pot Shops are essential business that need to remain open. Just think one of those bums just might get to a ventilator before you do.

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