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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Who would choose such a way to live?

The rain has cleaned the sidewalks and the streets. Sanitation or the Venice BID Clean team has cleaned the trash, except bulky items. There are toilets, cleaning station, fresh water and showers available on 3rd Ave, which is centrally located. The tents are lined up in a row with probably six feet from one opening to the other. One man is out looking thru the trash for cans. Just down the street is the Venice Bridge Home. One can see thru the fence and see that no one there is in the rain.

Allison Wilhite, Venice Deputy for th Bridge Home, said for every one selected for the Bridge Home, there were more than three who also wanted to go. Three backups for everyone selected. Amazing. This writer encounter only one person who said he would go to the Bridge Home. Just goes to show that people really do want help.

Now with the Federal and State working with the Cities to house these people, perhaps, the photos above will go into the history books soon. Who would choose such a way to live? Today the answer looks like no one.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    Unfortunately many do choose this lifestyle for thats what I have noticed in the 40 years Ive walked these streets. Now having said that you have to consider the mental illness that is so common here and are they in their right mind to make a good life and death decisions? I would say definitely Not!

    • Bonin dupees the Venice residents "again"

      t’s all the advocate that make millions of these bums as long as they stay putt. These bums are paid well to live here. The bum business pays big bucks.

    • Greg Duff

      Just a bunch of good for nothing shit birds.

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