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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

From Councilman Mike Bonin Regarding Housing the Homeless Using City Facilities and Properties

Dear Friends,
In the middle of this public health crisis, there is no time for delay or hesitation: we must immediately find ways to house our unhoused, and we must do everything to prevent more people from falling into homelessness.
Yesterday, City Council approved a series of measures I co-authored, directing city agencies to immediately use city facilities and properties for housing, to push the state to move faster on housing people in hotels and motels, and in the meantime, to open more restrooms and showers for people who are still unsheltered, and to stop evicting people from tents and leaving them without protection from the elements. People living outdoors cannot follow public health advice, putting everyone – unhoused and housed – at risk of contracting and spreading the virus.
At the same time, we directed our City Attorney to draft a broad emergency ordinance to halt evictions and prevent tenants from falling into homelessness in the middle of this public health crisis. We also directed City Attorney to craft ordinances: giving greater protections to workers being laid off as a result of emergency measures to halt the spread of the virus; and giving more health protections to the front-line service workers at LAX who risk exposure to COVID-19.
Thank you to Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Gilbert Cedillo, Los Angeles City Council President Emeritus Herb J. Wesson, Jr., Paul Koretz, Jose Huizar and Council President Nury Martinez for their great partnership on these pieces of legislation. And kudos to all my colleagues for the other smart, strong actions taken today to help address this crisis. And much, much love to the grassroots and neighborhood leaders demanding action and forcing progress. 
This is a defining moment for our city and our neighborhoods — and it demands leadership and action. Thank you for your patience and partnership as we get through this crisis together. Please find some helpful information and links below. 

Comments (4)

  1. Rick Swinger

    Nick I couldn’t agree with you more. I just like to add that Los Angeles also had nearly 14,000 properties that they could use for homeless homes and shelters but its more politically correct to vilify landlords than it is to use them. Here is our City Master Real Estate Holdings Spread Sheet. .https://i.imgur.com/ZdokoA1.png

  2. Nicholas Antonicello

    Why did it take a pandemic to get these people off the streets?

    This clown of a councilman stuffed needless bridge housing down the throats of residents to promote his social engineering while the city already had space to move these people inside?

    In other words he’s been lying like a cheap rug for years about this dilemma he helped engineer and create because all he wanted to do is antagonize the residents of Venice by making sure the homeless stayed in Venice!

    It’s what I said all along and now the truth comes out. He’s only moving them now because it took a crisis of this magnitude to do something. If this doesn’t expose how truly evil, duplicitous and Machiavellian he is, nothing will.

    Now he’s taking bows on something that could have been done years ago?

    He is an incompetent fool who is playing with the safety of the homeless population as well as every Venetian. He is a calculating political hack who cares about no one and hates Venice. What more evidence does one need given his actions versus his empty promises and rhetoric?

    If we all survive this, hopefully we can finally rid Venice of his tired and incompetent ass!

    • Greg Meyers

      Nick how does it feel to be tricked by Bonin. He took your money and squandered it and you still voted him back in. Now Venice is seeping the rewards of Bonin’s deceit.

  3. Sue Bonin

    Boin is stirrig up a rent strike scram. Lawyers are gearing to to sue the city for billions when this happens.

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