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Pardee Has Extended a Helping Hand to Her Neighborhood — The Oxford Triangle

Tami Pardee and her family have extended an the invitation to help people in her neighborhood –the Oxford Triangle.

“Anything we can do as a family to help and make people feel supported within our neighborhood, such as picking up groceries or prescriptions for them, walking dogs,” wrote Tami Pardee. “If someone is worried to leave the house, my partner John is a medical doctor and can always answer questions or help out if someone feels really concerned.

“I would so appreciate if you could help spread the word for us.”

In gratitude,
Tami, John and family
aka the Pardee-Moos bunch
tel:310-600-7217 (mobile)

This is a new situation for our neighbors … a period of isolation. What a wonderful idea for a family in a neighborhood to step up to offer assistance for the little things that, perhaps, are hard for someone to do during this time. This writer has personally had calls and emails from neighbors who have offered their services. How kind, thoughtful these people are.

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