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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

City considers not cleaning encampments; reneges on promise to “especially” clean areas around 154-bed shelter and protect neighbors

Los Angeles City Council considers not cleaning encampments during coronavirus crisis. They have started calling them “sweeps” as does a 30-member anti-clean group of individuals who take food to the encampments and protest the cleanups.

“Sweeps is a term used by a 30-member group,” said Reta Moser, editor of the Venice Update. “Why they would listen to this small, small group is beyond my comprehension. I can’t even remember their name. Even the homeless who move from one area to another to get their area cleaned appreciate the area being cleaned. Ask them.

“Dorothea on Hampton, south of Rose where they don’t clean, made people around her move one day so she could scrub the sidewalk with soap and water. She said ‘It’s one thing to be homeless and another to be dirty.’

“The LA Sanitation uses bleach with water to disinfect the area. It would appear that a group of 30 is more powerful than a neighborhood or the homeless that LA Sanitation protects. This small group should also be stopped from dumping food in encampment areas for feeding the rats.

“The area on Hampton north of Rose is cleaned and sanitized by businesses, daily and weekly, respectively. The homeless who stay there really appreciate having a cleaned area. Ask them. To me, the City Council is endangering both the lives of the homeless and the neighborhoods This is critical. Coronavirus is not the only killer out there. This movement should be stopped immediately.

“There was also an agreement-promise by City officials (SECZ) that a certain area affected by the 154-bed shelter be especially cleaned, enforce tent law, provide bulky item pick up and provide police protection to the neighborhood surrounding this. That supposedly started 9 March; nothing has been done. Three weeks later the City wants to make this area of Venice an unclean encampment. This is not right. Someone higher up should step up.

“The City has initially installed toilets during 7 am to 7 pm and showers at least once a week and now plans to abandon the homeless and the neighborhoods with an empty promise for all.

The Daily Breeze article.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    My site Stop illegal Dumping in Venice Beach has been sounding the alarm about pollution on our beach and in the encampments for 3 1/2 years. We predicted these types of illness would hit us way before this pandemic occurred in fact we were telling folks about the possibility of a Hepatitis outbreak before San Diego got hit. Interesting the Mike Bravo and David Busch group were making light of this. Goes to show some folks need to take a Biology class and open their eyes when they walk around our streets.

  2. Rick Swinger

    Services Not Sweeps were Photographed on 3rd Ave Encampment serving food without the proper gloves on! The food waste feed the local vermin that night. This is not recommended even by the pro homeless group” Invisible People!” https://i.imgur.com/tP6JULJ.jpg

  3. Nicholas Antonicello

    The “sweeps” are room service for those who piss, shit and shoot up and snort on the streets of Venice. Bonin is so deluded in his hatred for those who live a normal life that he will do anything to keep these people on the streets to spite the rest of the community. Mike Bonin is without question the most horrific individual ever to hold public office because of this contempt for Venetians. He hates them because they make more money than he does and have a nicer house then he has and are more successful and this is his way of reminding them of his petty, political power. His actions and behavior as an elected official are disturbing because he represents no one and nothing at all.

  4. LaVista DelMar

    Who the hell made these fools an authority on our safety??!!

    In this time of crisis with the spread of COVID19 not having reached it’s full peak yet, IT’S FULL PEAK!!! this is exactly contrary to what health officials here and other parts of the affected world advise.

  5. Rick Swinger

    Tyler Turden You mean LAHSA? Im not a big fan for they didn’t even tell the campers they were pitching their tents next to Active Norway Rat Burrows on 3rd Ave! You can see how they ignore my questions about these rats that have known pathogens both bacterial and viral. The video is posted on https://www.facebook.com/illegalDumpingVeniceBeach2016/videos/671223780052736/

  6. Tyler Durden

    You can add Homeless Engagement team member to that list fat man.

  7. Rick Swinger

    They have always been more important! One of those heroes is more important to me than anything in the Whole World! My wife Sharon who an RN! Please be safe honey while you helping people! https://i.imgur.com/9IEc5oO.jpg

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