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Venice Resident Says We Need Decisive Action

By Georgana Thigpen, A Venice Resident

This crisis has already affected all of us in completely unexpected ways and the worst is yet to come. Hopefully everyone is safe and healthy!

We need decisive action now to prevent deaths, exhaustion/illness of first responders, and healthcare workers, and physical containment of the economic and physical impacts. All mayors in the Southland and County Supervisors must pledge to do at least the following: 

1. Order shelter in place for the unemployed and for those employed in most industries, except for non-essential activities. 
2. Payroll and business tax holidays for the next thirty days minimum for all non-public companies.
3. Property tax moratorium for the next thirty days (need to check on the process for this, I’m sure it needs state action as well unfortunately)
4. Money promised to build “homeless housing” must be re-allocated immediately to prevent any further homelessness. What good are 150 $750K condos by the beach when there are at least 400,000 people in LA county alone who are facing homelessness without their next paycheck?
5. Mandate no-shut off orders for all utilities, which must include internet access so we can stay informed and kids can get their work done.

We cannot do anything about a mortgage holiday as that would involve federal legislation and is highly unlikely to occur. We cannot rely on the federal government so we must make our own fate. Let’s rise to the occasion here in the Southland and make sure we keep as many people in their homes as we possibly can by helping small business owners, employees, and small property owners alike.

Remember that the vast majority of us are more likely to be homeless than we are to be billionaires. That doesn’t mean we just give away our hard-earned assets but we are all in this together and a wave of newly homeless individuals will cripple an already fragile system. 

Comments (3)

  1. A day late and a dollar short

    Not only does Los Angeles have the homeless to contend with in California alone, where approximately 2.5 million residents are illegal aliens, the annual cost of unpaid hospital care is between $1 billion and $1.5 billion estimates the Hospital Association of Southern California.. If you think a tax paying citizen is going to get on a ventilator when they get sick. Think again cuz your in for the big siesta. Open borders have consequence.

  2. Billy Reyes

    All these dead beats need to move out of Los Angeles if they can’t pay there way. I am a landlord and make no mistake about it renter if you don’t pay the rent you will be tossed out on your asses. And if you think that a-hole Bonin is going to save you. Re-think it. He will give you a tent to liven. Cuz your credit will be destroyed, your wages will be attached. And no one will ever rent to you again.

  3. john Ryan

    There is no more money and I will never vote one cent more towards the harebrained schemes of Bonin and the other idiots

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