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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Stories of the Week — 14 thru 21 March

Stories of the week — 14 thru 20 March. The previous Stories of the Week got too hard to Update, so they are starting today. Last one added is first on list.

Marie Hammond

As everyone is freaked out about Coronavirus meanwhile back at the barn…
This was presented at March 3rd council meeting.

Note Request # 3. “3. REQUEST the City Attorney to report on the possibility of applying this policy to rental units not in Ellis Act proceedings.


h4>Sima Kostov
A homeless person in Silicon Valley died of the coronavirus – Business Insider
What is the point of putting all these quarantines in place of you exempt a significant part of the population from compliance?!

Rick Swinger

Pacific Division LAPD officer tested positive for Coronavirus.

Pacific Division Police Officer Tests Positive for COVID-19

CJ Cole

LA to distribute hand sanitizers to the homeless

Reta Moser

The Venice Update just printed a hoax about the coronavirus and has since retracted it. Elizabeth Wright notified the Update as soon as she found out. Go to www.cdc.gov/COVID-19 for the latest. Very sorry.

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