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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Coronavirus Isolation Causes Panic Buying at Costco, Lincoln and Washington

Line at Costco parking lot Saturday, 14 March, 7:30 am. Store opens at 9 am.  This is the west end of parking lot.

One lady in front of this writer at Costco Starbucks, Lincoln and Washington, said store was crazy Friday. She was a vendor and they knocked down her booth. She said one lady claimed that she had been in line since 3 am. Lady behind this writer in line for coffee said she heard one person say that they had spent the night in line. It rained all night!

Yesterday at Trader Joes, this writer was a little earlier than usual, and asked if this was panic buying since many of the shelves were bare and there were more people. The cashier said “yes.” When giving me change, he thanked me for not being a panic buyer.

This writer doesn’t panic. Have invited all friends to bring a book over, snuggle, and sit by the fire. It is quiet time.

On the door is a sign that says “Bring your own toilet paper and paper towel donations would be appreciated.”

So much for isolation.

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  1. Mat Murphy

    I saw a homeless man in Whole Foods the other day putting is dirty hands in the prepared food area. I love watching all the Venice hipsters loading up there take out boxes.

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