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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

3rd Ave and LA Under 405 at Washington Place to Receive Enhanced, Daily Toilet and Cleaning Services; Hand Washing Stations Forthcoming

Third Ave has been receiving the portable shower-toilet facilities once a week but now will receive them daily as will the area under the 405 at Washington Place, just west of Sepulveda.

Hours of operation will be from 7 am to 7 pm, seven days a week. They will be supervised with a cleaning person and removed at night.

In addition, because of the Coronavirus threat, there will be several “hand wash” stations throughout CD11. Press release is due out Monday.

Comments (10)

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  2. Rick Swinger

    Bret I campaigned hard against Mike Bonin and Venice had two canidates who ran against him but were out spent by 10 to 1!

  3. Rick Swinger

    Finally some good news about clearing this insanity of unregulated camping from our streets! Tweet from Senator Scott Wiener https://i.imgur.com/faXix1b.jpg

  4. Rick Swinger

    Nothing will spread the Coronavirus faster than the Mayor’s 3rd Ave Encampment Public Drinking Fountain that drains directly on the public sidewalk! https://i.imgur.com/ZFoHu5t.jpg

    • Listen, Dick Swinger, your name sounds rather unhygienic. It would be unfortunate if it were the one your mother gifted you with, and even more unfortunate if it’s your idea of a joke because 10-year-olds don’t really have a place in politics, even at the neighborhood level. Let’s hope to God that your parents never kick you out! 🤞

  5. Nicholas Antonicello

    What is wrong with Garcetti and Bonin? Can they be this collectively dimwitted and stupid? The Corona virus is about to burst and Ground Zero for such a cluster are the hundreds of encampments around Venice which were supposed to disappear when bridge housing reared it’s ugly head, in fact the encampments continue to increase! While the rest of the world is trying disinfect and clean itself from further spreading, Garcetti, Bonin and the homeless bureaucracy continues to enable these disgusting and vile takeovers of public streets, alley ways and our oceanfront walk! Now in the midst of a pandemic where emergency authority has been granted, Garcetti and Bonin continue to spread their lies and homeless propaganda as Venetians are concerned for their lives! It is in fact a life and death question and Mayor Garcetti and Councilman Bonin side with despair and death. It only confirms this intense hatred for Venice and Venetians in general unless you’re a transient drug addict/alcoholic who is a criminal and scum of the earth!

  6. Rick Swinger

    As we have been telling you all along if you leave these toilets without security they will turn into health hazards themselves. What Bonin has done is turn 3rd Ave into a health hazard by promoting this location as a campsite. Without rat proof trash cans and a public drinking fountain that drains directly into the gutter this is a dangerous trap for anyone who camps here.Without social distancing we will see this unregulated street camp across from 100’s of residents turn into a viral Avenue of sickness. These bandaids won’t do anything but attract more campers which will make social distancing impossible and create a worst state of illness for these homeless and the residents who are forced to deal with them.

    • Bret Tucker

      Rick this is why elections have consequences.And if you think it only affects Venice, think again. Diseases may start on 3rd. They certainly won’t end on 3rd. History has taught us it will spread like wild fire throughout Bonin’d district.

  7. Madison Atwater

    Pretty sad that it’s taken a pandemic for the city to do the right thing and finallyprovide some basic hygiene to the homeless. This should have been done months ago. And any residents (like you Rick Swinger) who complained about it should have been told to stuff it.

    • Mat Murphy

      You really think the homeless wash there hand after they poop on the street. You people are in denial or extremely stupid.

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