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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

SEC Zone Started Monday As Originally Planned

Allison Wilhite, deputy for the Venice Bridge Home, says the Special Enforcement and Cleaning Zone (SECZ) started Monday, 9 March.  Just an hour or so ago Venice Update reported Update didn’t know when the SEC Zone would start because Update was not answered when it queried.

This is a new project.  Everyone is working to make the home for the 154 people feel like a home where they are safe, fed, and free to get off addiction, free to get a job, free to start their life all over.  That opened for people to start moving  in the 25tth of February — two weeks from last Monday.  It should be filled this week.

Monday, 9 March, the SECZ started as planned.

Since then it has been a mad house to get the other things working that have been planned for the SECZ.  It appears to be an hour-by-hour  story as the services unfold.

Update just reported a story of the 3rd Ave as one of the worst streets.  Apparently, a Care Team has been on the street Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and coming up this Friday to pick up needles, trash, hazardous waste.  Friday a team will be there to enforce LAMC 56,11, which should take most of the debris.

The police cannot enforce the tents down rule because of the rain.  But, Update, has been assured that there is a car with two police men assigned to the SEC zone.

Once again the following explains the enhanced services provided to the area.  It does take time for all services to start and get moving.



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