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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

If Venice had a “Street of Shame,” it would be 3rd Ave this week

Oh, my goodness. Third Ave in Venice breaks all the rules — the sidewalk ADA rule to allow 36 inches for wheelchairs, the bulky item (LAMC 56.11) of fitting into a 60-gallon trash can, and over the curb taking parking to name only what this writer sees.

The unwritten law of putting trash in front of and at the side of single-family residences on 3rd and Rose is just rude and contemptible.

There is a sign that says there will be a “Major Cleanup” Friday, the 13th. All of this should go. Signs are usually posted for cleanup on Fridays. They have never specified a “major” cleanup. But a “major” one is necessary.

Perhaps, this will signal the start of the SEC zone, which 3rd Ave is definitely in.  Update will be taking photos Friday to make sure this is all removed and cleaned.

Comments (3)

  1. Rick Swinger

    David Busch was videoed illegally dumping a dolly full of bulky items including a two story ladder on the street blocking parking spaces and in front of residences. He and a partner were playing “ Cat and Mouse “ with the police and LA Sanitation and polluting our street during a pandemic! The city offers a $1000 reward for tips that lead to arrest of illegally dumping. Let go bounty hunting shall we! https://streetsla.lacity.org/illegal-dumping-crime-tip-program

  2. Nick Antonicello

    Welcome to Mike Bonin’s Venice! He hates Venice and his lack of cooperation in keeping Third Street clean is typical of his hatred for this neighborhood! Now compound this situation with a pandemic from the corona-virus, it’s just a matter of time we have a breakout at one of these encampments! Then what? Is Bonin waiting for a cluster to develop before these camps are cleaned up and eliminated once and for all? Does he hate Venice this much along with his clown car staff? What has to happen before anything occurs? What health disaster needs to occur on Third Street or at the Bridge Housing location before he takes the action the residents seek? Can he be this hateful and spiteful? Can his staff be this idiotic and incompetent?

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