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Do not know when the SECZ will become effective

Venice Update has both called and emailed Allison Wilhite, Venice deputy for the Bridge Home, to see when the enforcement of the SEC zone will start. It was announced earlier that it was suppose to start 9 March. No such answer.

SEQZ refers to a Special Enforcement and Cleaning Zone that is from 4th St to Speedway and Westminster to Navy both sides of the street.

Note: That tents down would not be enforced while there is a rain forecast.

Wilhite made the statement 4 March “There are requests from the community that we delay it longer, even upwards of 90 days, but we are hopeful these two weeks will let our outreach teams and on site service providers do their work to open the site successfully.”

Venice Update knows of no one making such requests. To the contrary, people are asking without response why this has not been initiated as promised.

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