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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

LUPC to Hear Lincoln Apartments, 12 March

Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) will hear the 40-unit project called Lincoln Apartments Thursday, 12 March, 6:30 pm at Westminster Elementary School, 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

The project will consist of 39 supportive units and one unit for live-in staff member. Fifty percent will be 18-24 year olds with no sober living requirement. The other 50 percent will be serious mental illnesses since Venice Community Housing is going for Proposition 2 funding.

Tracy Carpenter, activist who lives in neighborhood, asks if this is the proper place to put kids on drugs and alcohol and mentally ill people next to where there are schools and preschool and a neighborhood. Over 800 children attend schools in close proximity to proposed project.

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  1. Rachel L.

    Did “Safe” Place for Youth conveniently forget to mention that someone they know came from their alley, jumped the fence to the school, and broke into the new priest’s home as he was sleeping a couple of days ago? Then ran back into the SPY alley? It’s on camera and the guy was arrested.

    SPY is not safe, especially considering another SPY client caused a school lockdown a couple of weeks ago by swinging around a weapon next to the kids.

    Building a bigger SPY facility when they can’t even manage the one they have next to kids is dumb.

    • reta

      Send the video and more details, such as what alley, what fence, to what
      School, and priest’s home at what address. This is certainly relevant and at a relevant time.

      • Rachel L.

        The break in was over the weekend, the alley was the one off Garfield Ave where all of SPY’s clients hang out and loiter constantly, the parish probably has the video so you can call the church to inquire and confirm the incident, SPY’s director admitted it was someone they know well and the guy was arrested so there’s a paper trail somewhere.

        • reta

          Thank you. Am so glad to hear that the guy was arrested. Yes, that would make for a paper trail. Don’t forget to voice your concern at LUPC Thurs nite.

  2. John Mc Manamy

    The residents living in the affected neighborhood ought to take heed about the violence and vandalism that is now around the Bridge project and will be in your neighborhood also

  3. Michael Sacks

    If SPY is so hell bent on putting a housing project in this location, they should fund the relocation of the school so these kids can learn without the threat of violence.

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