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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

MTA Bridge Home Neighbors Encounter Uncomfortable Situations and Question Police and Fire Appearances; Area Enforcement Starts Monday, 9 March

They are moving people into the “Bridge Home” at Sunset and Main and have been since 25 February; neighbors are uncomfortable.

People living near by are having some problems with the Bridge Home residents and are vocal about it and want to know if there is some added protection for them. Also they would like to know what is happening when they see police cars and firetrucks arrive at site.

Enforcement of the SEC zone rules and walking police force will not start until Monday, 9 March.

Allison Wilhite, Venice Deputy for the site, has made a statement addressing the decision to delay the enforcement.

I’ve heard this question about timing from a few people, so let me speak to it for everyone’s benefit. The decision to wait until March 9 was made after having conversations with the Unified Homeless Response Center (aka UHRC, the Mayor’s Office team that coordinates the enhanced services), LAHSA, LAPD Pacific Division, and other Council District Offices that have opened an A Bridge Home. Each have different perspectives on the best timing, and all for good reasons.

The experience in other Council Districts has been that starting the SECZ the same day as intake can cause a lot of movement and frustration among unhoused people and make it harder for our outreach teams to bring people to site for their intake appointment. We know residents have waited a long time for these enhanced services to start, and we want to honor that as soon as possible, while also ensuring we can effectively and efficiently open the site to our unhoused neighbors. There are requests from the community that we delay it longer, even upwards of 90 days, but we are hopeful these two weeks will let our outreach teams and on site service providers do their work to open the site successfully.

Here are some of the situations people in the neighborhood have encountered since the home opened.

One person was on a walk with her dog, which she takes every night at the same time.

I was just on a nightly walk with my dog which I do at the same hour every night. There were three male youths coming from Bridge Housing walking towards me and they asked if they could get a cigarette off me. I said no, and as they passed me they started telling me things they wished they could do to me and that I was a bitch for not talking to them, and to keep my head down and keep pretending to talk to my dog. Something similar happened last night as well.

Correct me if I am wrong, but there is nothing in Bridge Housing that stipulated that the 154 residents are not able to walk around the neighborhood at night. This is a single female’s worst nightmare. This is two days in a row where someone has tried to talk to me and I have been called a bitch for not responding to their advances or requests. This is harassment in the eye of the law. You cannot deny that this is a dangerous time to be a female in Venice Beach, living within close proximity to Bridge Housing.

There must be more that you can do to ensure the safety of residents. Is there a way to educated our 18-24 year old youth homeless residents that it is not acceptable to harass female neighbors, or any neighbors of both sexes? Is it possilbe to set up a small community police station at Bridge Housing where Police can work 24 hours on site while Bridge Housing is in its 3 year period?

One woman said she no longer feels safe walking her dogs at night.

I second that. Since it has opened, I have stopped walking my dogs at night and I live across the street. It’s not right that now I don’t feel comfortable leaving my house at night to walk my dogs. I don’t feel safe.

One man would like to know what happened in his neighborhood at the site early Wednesday morning. Perhaps, incidents reports could be posted on the fence when they become available for neighbors to read

Can you please shed some light on the type of assault that occurred this morning at the bh site?. I was greeted this morning with a fire truck, a police patrol, and an assault with injury report at 100 sunset ave. Pics attached.
A photo of a police car was also provided.

Another saw 5 LAPD officers at the site at night to break up a what appeared to be a fight? I happened to be walking home at the time. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Can you please explain to neighbors why at least 5 LAPD officers were called to the site to break up what seems to be a violent fight?

This happened at 3:15 pm, apparently Wednesday.

From Citizens broadcast.

Guy jumping on cars threatened to kill me. It’s a saga.

He was a resident of SPY at bridge housing. The director of housing told me they had problems with him last night and were trying to figure out what to do with him.

So, today he broke the windshields on several cars on S. Main, threatened to kill me, and earlier had chased Sam’s wife with sexual innuendoes.

This is very f…….. up! Both he and his buddy were arrested for vandalism. It seems that since he didn’t have a weapon that his threat to me doesn’t have much in the way
of criminality. Sam is out there fighting just to get his wife’s part of it included in the police report.

LAPD was good but the whole episode was a tangled mess because of so many crimes by the same two guys. They’re piecing it all together.

By the way I’m mad as hell about what we are being put through here. This was at 3:15 in the afternoon!!!!

Woman bitten by dog as well as her dog was bitten.

Today I was walking my 14-year-old, 20-pound dog Franklin by the shelter because I live across the street and that is where we normally walk. There were a few people hanging out which is fine with me, but then he was attacked by one of their (very big) dogs that had a leash…but nobody holding it. Luckily Franklin is okay-I pulled the dog off him myself, but we were both bitten by the dog.

I really, really want to support the shelter and be a good neighbor and human being but man it is really hard when something like this happens.

Comments (18)

  1. Rick Swinger

    Amnesty Box = Vagrant’s Armory! Is this part the Bridge Housing Security that was promised to the Venice residents by Bonin and Garcetti? A F*cking Amnesty Box!? https://i.imgur.com/zEeJ47N.jpg

  2. Steve Burns

    “starting the SECZ the same day as intake can cause a lot of movement and frustration among unhoused people and make it harder for our outreach teams to bring people to site for their intake appointment.”
    You decided to take authority to reneg on a promise made to this community by the Mayor to mitigate a minor risk of inconvenience to your staff, a minor outcome at worst case, and decided to sacrifice the safety of the neighborhood residents for a high probability risk with dangerous consequences for these people. That kind of decision making would get anyone fired in the real world, Deputy Wilhite.
    IMHO you owe this community an apology and please exercise better judgement, taking real risk into account, when making future decisions. Our community’s safety is not yours to sacrifice.

  3. Nicholas Antonicello

    Is there a police presence on-site and if not, why not?

    • vicki halliday


      Kinda, sorta is the answer. There are special patrols around the ABH site but not ON site. That might change (I sort of doubt it) because of the problems/incidents that have occurred during the last week. So far, four people have been evicted. Two on felony counts. One on site. One off site.

      • LVista

        The advocates for this bh are sOOOOooo glaringly off the mark on this one!!! Can the fools sitting in the district office still not see what a damn nuisance this is?!

        Compounded with lack of oversight, security this fiasco is turning out to be one damned source of tribulation and stress for the once peaceful neighborhood.

  4. Rick Swinger

    We told you so at that famous Town Hall meeting a year ago last October but Mike Bonin and the Social Service Corporations are making too much money to solve this.

  5. Matthew

    Predictable results. You get more of what you tolerate.

  6. Josh Williams

    Truth, this is a sham housing for thugs and drug addicts. Get it and them outta here!

  7. Babu

    None of these incidents actually happened. It’s all pulp fiction. You guys crack me up.

    • Carol

      Not that anyone believes you, Babu, but I know some of the people who reported these incidences and the only thing that’s pulp fiction is that the BH will be safe and IMPROVE the neighborhood.

  8. Martha Lennon

    I’m S mad as hell to. Mr. Bonin you are pathetic and a miserable inept politician. Shame on you a thousand times. Do you not care. Can’t you come out and tell your constituents you are sorry. Ask what you can do. The woman was bitten by one of those guys dog!!! If I were her I would sue.

  9. Veniceresident

    Not liars, I live a block away and it’s crazy town out there. And this is just the stuff that is getting reported.

  10. David Bush

    All of these posters are liars.

    • Assaulted

      Too many witnesses on the one this afternoon, Mr. Busch.
      Denial gets you no where at all.

      • Mike Bravo

        David, maybe you can go disrupt someone’s government meeting by yelling in rage? Problem is, no one believes your crazy ass here.

    • Venice Jerome

      The reality is the shelter is housing a significant percentage of total shitbags with zero respect for anyone but their shitbag friends, mixed in with the people who deserve help and won’t disrupt our community. That is the nature of the progressive agenda. Ignore the severe faults, ignore threats to our safety, pretend that some people aren’t just unacceptably bad and should never be put around our homes.

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