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What You Have to Do to Get the Trespasser Arrested

In order to get a trespasser arrested who has entered your property without your permission, one has to have the sign installed on all entrances to the property and have the form provided to the local police department. The form must be provided each year; otherwise, the police will just tell the trespasser to leave.

Talk to your local Senior Lead Officer. He should have additional information and the form.

Senior Lead Officer (SLO) Javier  Ramirez says that is “correct, but that is specially for trespassing. “Break-ins” also known as a burglary is a different type of crime (felony) and does not require signage/trespass letter.

“The letter has to be updated every year.”


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  1. vicki

    Rules like this really grate. There is public property and there is private property. These signs are not only a visual blight, they are another exercise placed on citizens and usually don’t do a bit of good.

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