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Westside Neighborhood Councils Follows Venice to Amend 41.18

The LAMC 41.18 people’s petition motion to amend sidewalk camping rules is gathering momentum since it was passed by the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) at the February meet.

The Westside Regional Alliance of Councils (WRAC) got together the day after the VNC vote. City Attorney Mike Feuer who wrote the original 41.18 change was there and discussed the VNC having passed this motion with several of the attendees.

One member of the Pacific Palisades council took a formal position to ask that all neighborhood councils place this motion on their agenda and to vote to pass this motion. City Attorney Feuer urged them to do so.

He said that if 2/3 of the neighborhood councils from CD 11, and CD 5 pass this motion then it becomes an official position of Westside Regional Alliance of Councils.

Since the VNC passed our motion, our next step is to urge our Mayor, City Councilman Mike Bonin, City Attorney Feuer, and Mayor Eric Garcetti’s field deputy, Ami Fields-Meyer, to support the 41.18 amendments.

Below is a sample letter to send, along with their email addresses in support.

Dear Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Attorney Mike Feuer, Councilmember Mike Bonin, and Field Deputy Ami-Fields-Meyer:

I urge you to pass the attached O’Farrell/VNC Motion to protect students, residents, and disabled persons from the burdens of homeless encampments.

This Motion was initially requested by Councilman O’Farrell and drafted by the City Attorney under a proviso in the Martin decision that states:

“Nor do we suggest that a jurisdiction with insufficient shelter can never criminalize the act of sleeping outside. Even where shelter is unavailable, an ordinance prohibiting sitting, lying, or sleeping outside at particular times or in particular locations might well be constitutionally permissible. See Jones, 444 F.3d at 1123. So, too, might an ordinance barring the obstruction of public rights of way or the erection of certain structures.”

The Venice Neighborhood Council has amended the original O’Farrell Motion, which provides buffer zones for parks, schools, child care centers and homeless shelters and housing, to add 150 foot setbacks for residences, slightly greater setbacks from entrances/exits, and easier access for the disabled to sidewalks.

Something must be done for the safety of residents, the elderly, the handicapped, children, and pregnant women who are forced to walk into the busy and often dangerous streets because our sidewalks are made impassable due to homeless encampments.







Comments (2)

  1. Nicholas Antonicello

    Bonin hates people who work for a living, raise a family and pay taxes. He loves drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, and anything that threatens the norms of society for his political agenda!

  2. Richard Gavin

    Good… let’s get these vagrants outta here

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